Seven Quick Photos That Make Me Smile

I was going to say that will make you smile but I didn't want to go and set the expectation too high. 



They sold "Homade" lemonade and tomato plants.  And were obviously quite proud.



Runners up:



Pajama clad summer lightening shows


A photo of "Knots" for Theme Thursday at Clan Donaldson

I like to think our trees are happy to be so well used and loved by a few little boys.  But they could also be screaming inside from all the nails and arrows.
(And no, I have no idea what this is.)

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  1. Your house really is like Eden. So much land!

    1. We have an acre and a half but behind us is a huge farm so we pretend it's ours :) The farmer actually goes to our church and doesn't mind us using it for hikes and things so it's really great. Except for all the bugs which I'm CERTAIN could not have been a part of Eden. Right?

    2. Oh wow! We have 1.6 acres too but ours backs up against our neighbor's property and our neighbor is burning down the lovely wall of green to build a privacy fence! Is a work in progress and it looks gross! So I think what I'm going to do is plant a bunch of native shrubbery up against the fence line so that it turns back into a living green wall. That's the plan that makes me feel good about what our neighbor is doing.

  2. I'm not sure what that last thing is either but that didn't stop my almost five year old from asking if he could have one too! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Then I have succeeded in perpetrating the greatest internet hoax of all time...muahahaha!

  4. They made me smile too . . . especially #4!

  5. The best: Pajama clad summer lightening shows

  6. Love it all. The trees are happy even if the boys are giving them acupuncture. How could a tree that gets to have a pulley not be happy. Are they going to sell vegies and pears, too?

    Grandma & Grumpy

  7. Your boys are super adorable! Where did you find all those great rugs for your floors?

    1. That braided green one i found for $20 or something like that at a going out of business sale at a furniture store! Crazy, right? We didn't even have a house at the time but I bought it anyway :)

  8. #2 is my favorite - the bike helmet and that amazing smile! And at least they didn't hyphenate "Homade," right?

  9. oh yeah, I smiled as well! good job on the pictures



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