Really Truly Quick Takes


The other day I came upstairs to find this sign on the boys' door as all four (Luke included) were "having a secret meeting."  Brian and I had a moment where the reality of how blessed we are sunk in a bit.  I'm also pleased that our conspirators at least have some manners about them.

Today was a fun mail day.  First this happened:

I won't bore you with the details but a big thank you JCPenney for resurrecting their coupons and giving me free stuff again.  Two shirts for one dollar shipped right to my home.  

And underneath that was this:

A few months ago our family became patrons for the Love Good Music campaign.  Any time one of their artists comes out with an album, we'll get one mailed to us plus we're sponsoring the creation of real art that draws us to the true, good, and beautiful.  There is so much to love about the campaign.  Check it out.

is going to be HERE.

I think I may camp out.  And I don't even know if I'm joking or not.

The Run for the Little Flowers Virtual 5K is taking registrations now!  REGISTER HERE!  Our family is doing it and we're getting a local group together.  How about you?  Can you think of a better cause to support than helping orphans in China?
Katie also has a bunch of great giveaways for those who are entered!
And it's virtual!  That means you can do it anywhere.
I fully plan on being the one crawling pathetically in the back so don't worry about embarrassing yourself.  I got that covered.

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Huh.  Quick Quick Takes.  Who'da thought I could actually pull it off?


  1. You are totally not joking about camping out for Trader Joe's opening. You WILL be the first in line. (I'll watch the boys!)

  2. Oh I was so happy when we finally got a Trader Joe's and it is so close to my home. It is fabulous!

    Going to check out the 5 K, sounds great!

  3. Trader Joe's for the win!

    You are blessed. Happy and blessed. Love this, Mary. Have a great weekend!

  4. We LOVE GOOD MUSIC here too!! Thanks for helping spread the word! The note your boys wrote was adorable! Blessed indeed!


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