A Little House Day

Photo dumping of our trip to the historic village for Laura Ingalls Wilder Days in 3...2...1...aaand go:

Greatest photo all day

You can hear the theme song now, can't you?  We're like the boy version of the Ingalls, I tell you.

Just butter churnin' while I look adorable.  No biggie.

Out to pasture

A random lady came over and asked if we'd like her to take a family picture.  Wasn't that the nicest?

Favorite place this visit - the brewery.  Seriously amazing how this all works.  But no free taste tests.

Brian was really amazed at how it all worked.  He doesn't drink but I *think* I may have an in with gaining a drinking buddy.  I haven't convinced him of the glories of coffee so perhaps our runner up will be beer.  I'm so good at this edification of your spouse thing, aren't I?

Only the cool girls wear bonnets.

He missed out on the spelling bee because the list was already full but John Paul was able to do some crazy potato sack racing.

A make up your own rules bowling game

Luke really liked this hedge.  I'm serious.  He even posed for it.

In true Farmer Boy fashion, the driver even used "giddap", "haw,"and "gee" and to steer them!  We thought that was so great.

My boys quite obviously thrilled to be sitting and chatting with the Laura Ingalls Wilder impersonator.

We take our old fashioned baseball quite seriously.

Gettin' our barrel roll on

Forget a sandbox, I totally want a pile o' hay in our yard.

Things escalated quickly.

I know, I didn't get the shot.  But it makes me laugh anyway.

A grand time was had by all.

The end.


  1. I have so much to say, yet no words!!! A-Ma-ZING!!!!

    Where's Nellie?????

    1. She was signing autographs for hours and we stayed far far away...wasn't sure how appropriate her talk would be anyway given the title of her book and my kids wouldn't even know who she is anyway! Was thinking about you while we were there!

  2. Envy is so not pretty

    Love the pictures - so glad you all had a great time


  3. Looks so fun- great pictures! I love them all!

  4. Wonderful memories! It looks like such an awesome place. This is my kind of daytrip. So glad the lady took the family picture, it is great to see all of you at onetime.

    Grandma & Grumpy

  5. Looks like a fun day. Such darling little boys!

  6. How cute! Love all the pics. Our family took a field trip last year to a Civil War era fort (about the same time period). The hay pile, what a great idea, although I have one child with hay allergies, so while looking at you pics I was thinking about him and how he'd end up in the hospital for sure if he decided to join a hay fight. But the rest of the kids would love it...

  7. So freaking cool and your boys are just too much. We have a place called historic Greenfield Village here. It is crazy expensive, but you just inspired me to get there before this kid is born'd!

  8. You Rock the bonnet! Love all the pictures of your sweet little men romping around. I can't believe it's summer and y'all are wearing those kind of clothes.. You can't do that in Texas.

  9. Looks like an absolutely perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I love that place! (and you DO rock that bonnet!)


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