This Month in Boys - July 2013

-the monthly update sharing more than you ever wanted to know about my children.  
Because my kids are cool and my memory stinks.-

John Paul

-turned NINE with a Mistmantle party!
-received a sewing machine, a sword, books, Legos, and an archery target for his birthday.  He's always been our Renaissance boy.
- declared "I want another baby.  We need to move to a new house.  Every time we move to a new house, we get another baby."  (David responds:  "But not right away.  After a few minutes.")
-finished up his baseball season.  His team made it to the championship and came in second!
-has started to express some interest in becoming an altar server.
-is 3/4 done with his Suzuki 1 piano book.
-has begun listening to Papa read The Fellowship of the Ring and is loving it.  We knew he would.
-thinks Alleluia, Sing to Jesus is his favorite song.


-can still melt me with those steel blue eyes.
-appreciates flowers and gardening more than any of the others.  A few weeks ago he asked me if he "could learn more about plants and things."
-wears his St. Michael medal every day.
-was chosen to represent his team for the tee ball All Star Contest and made it to the second round in the throwing accuracy portion!
-is learning to swim on his own initiative and can go underwater and (sort of) jump in the deep end!
-every week makes sure we say hello to Father and Deacon after Mass.
-loves listening to Papa read The Hobbit at bedtime.
-chooses Lord of the Dance, the Gloria from Mass, and Joy to the World as his favorite songs.


- told us "When I was taking my nap I prayed to God that He would give me some magic so that I could put my arms out like this (arms straight back and out) and fly aaaalllll around the house."
-is losing ground in his stature advantage over his 2 and a half years younger baby brother.  Those two will be sharing clothes before I know it!
-was completely convinced that some of the men in Brian's men's group ride to their meetings on horses.  "When I grow up, I'm going to go to men's group, too.  And I'm going to ride there on my horse."
-still has those moon eyes when he smiles.
-"Mama, when I was outside the pedal on the bike when ERRRGGKK and it got me and I prayed to God to heal it and it worked!"
-is not thrilled with his separate room (and not being able to wake his brothers) yet but will hopefully come around.
-lately is definitely leaning toward touch as his love language.
-opts for Praise to our God as his favorite.  I have no idea what song this is but apparently "we sing it at church."


-throws or bats everything.  Normally this involves a block and a wool egg but far more dangerous objects are often used.
-screams MAMAMAMAMA at any slight or to request something.  Whispers ever so gently and with great reverence "Papa."
-on a related note still lights up and throws his arms in the air when Papa comes in the door from work.
-despite loving the water as a baby, is not all that thrilled with swimming.  He'd much prefer to walk around it and throw things into the water only to demand them right back.
-is very hit or miss on the solid food eating.  He only nurses about three times during the day (we won't talk about nighttime) and is entering that phase my toddlers go through of somehow still growing on a diet of air, a handful of pretzels, and breast milk.
-has started time outs and will do his own version of saying he is sorry by caressing your head.  And then will proceed to immediately smack the aggrieved which was likely the reason he was put in the corner in the first place.
-has all his teeth earlier than the others.  He's like a shark always growing those teeth.  Here's hoping that we get a bit of a break before those 2 years molars come.
-gives the best smacking kisses on the cheek then uses his hands to turn your head so he can attack the other side.
-doesn't have a favorite song and will clap and dance to pretty much anything in the back seat of the car.


  1. I always love when you do these! I also love the picture of John Paul - he looks so No Nonsense. :)

  2. I love these posts because I feel like I can know your kids better and not completely miss them growing up. It's not the same as being there and being around them, but it's better than nothing. I'm working on my post on my girls this month. Thanks for the inspiration in doing these!

  3. I agree with Jill. These monthly posts with their wonderful comments and insights make me feel like I am not missing everything. Thanks for catching the moments for those of us who are so far away.

    Grandma & Grumpy

  4. I think I might have to join you in this kid summary. But I'm not as on the ball as you, so maybe a Summer Roundup!

  5. I was going to say the same thing as Colleen! I think I'll have to start doing these. I hope you don't mind me picking up the idea!
    Also, this: "-is very hit or miss on the solid food eating. He only nurses about three times during the day (we won't talk about nighttime) and is entering that phase my toddlers go through of somehow still growing on a diet of air, a handful of pretzels, and breast milk." I could have written every word, about almost all of my kids at that age! I'm so glad to hear someone else say it!


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