Seven Quick Takes - We're Hot.


This was the temperature of our bedroom yesterday morning and despite the obvious scientific accuracy of using a meat thermometer to measure air temperature, I know it's a bit low.  It's been in the 90's every day and the windows in our room and the baby room DON'T OPEN.  It literally feels like you're sleeping in a sauna.  
Brian pried out one of the windows last night and duct taped some screening onto it so we could get a tiny bit of fresh air into the room.  Cuz we like to keep things classy like that.  It goes well with our crack house window treatments.

Luke's first fudgsicle...

Yes, that is his smile for the camera.
He only ate a little bit but he seemed to enjoy it!


Inspired by Catholic Icing, we tried this the other day and the boys really enjoyed it.  It was a spur of the moment, Luke is napping and it's hotter than Hades outside project and worth the bit of table saltiness.


Why yes, I'll take your $30 cash in exchange for my blank report back to you next week that we watched no television all week.  Thanks!  (Why would they send this out during the summer?)  

We also made homemade caramel sundaes for the feast day the other day.  I had intentions of it being a post but it ended up being a very underwhelming event.  The ice cream wasn't cooperating (too hot and it wasn't freezing in the machine), I burned my first batch of caramel sauce, and the boys unknowingly ate the cookies that were to be scapulars that I had left out when Brian was in charge of lunch.  So, it was kind of a fail.  Next year.

Who lets this lady have a camera?  Smile still cute.

I don't normally let my boys run around all shirtless and tribal-like despite all photo evidence to the contrary, but ohmyword it is HOT.  Dripping, sweating, sticky HOT.

Click on it:

Devout Catholics Have the Better Sex, Study Finds   (They had me til that erotic underwear part because...oh, right...never mind...)
Alcohol Content in Breastmilk -Interesting study by one mother (Spoiler: Next round's on me, ladies.)
What is the Evidence for Induction or C-Section for a Big Baby? - A great balanced evidence based article.

And because none of those are super fun light-hearted links, I leave you with this:

Which has absolutely nothing to do with anything except that I feel validated.

Happy Friday!
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  1. We did that Nelson ratings survey as well. I loved it. It was great to get 10 dollars for saying we don't watch TV and turning in a blank sheet.

  2. You are so funny! Sorry it has been so hot. My Dad said it has not even been cooling down at night up there. We grew up without AC but I am not so sure I waould handle it very well anymore.

  3. You need AC!! How do you all sleep at night? Oh my gosh, you're all going straight to Heaven and I'll be burning down below because I'm such a wimp.

    1. Answer: Very very poorly. I really think I'm getting wimpier in my old age.

  4. I don't know how you do it without AC! I'm sooo done with this heat wave, too!

  5. $30 to take a survey? Tell them to send some my way! And some fudgesicles, too :)

    1. I know, right!? Don't tell them, but I would've spouted off my opinion for free :)


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