Seven Quick Takes - 7/12/13

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And yay for Sarah!!  37 weeks!

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Inspired by Cari's chick hatching adventures we got four fertilized eggs from friends of ours for our broody hen!  She's been trying to incubate unfertilized ones and getting snippy with anyone who tries to take them from her for breakfast.  We marked the fertilized ones and now she's been happily resting on them.  On or around the 28th of July we'll know if it worked!  This weekend we need to move her to the other part of the coop so she can get some peace and the chicks can hatch safely.  (Also so we can see them without getting pecked by all the other hens.)  I am really excited to see if this works!  It did for Cari so here's hoping!

Also in poultry news, our meat birds are getting processed today.  And that's all I have to say about that.

John Paul's team lost but it would've been hard for them to pull off a win seeing that when the game was called the score was something like 20 to 5.  John Paul had some great hits and was thrilled that they got a huge trophy.  

I anticipate that in the next few years I'm going to have to figure out a trophy solution epecially when they are THAT big.  That adds up quickly and multiplied by at least four?  Yikes!

Running the bases with his little brothers

And now baseball is done for the year.  Phew.  It was fun but we need a break!

Some click-worthy links for you:

Study Finds Benefits in Delaying Severing of Umbilical Cord

I wrote about this before but it really is so vitally important that these babies are allowed to receive their own blood.  Please if you do nothing else outside of the mainstream for your birth, at least do this.  We've known this for so long but still it's not being routinely done.  Here's hoping that since a mainstream source is finally talking about it that perhaps people will give it more weight (silly but true).  The article says 1-3 minutes but most people say that simply waiting for the cord to stop pulsating is less arbitrary.  We wait even longer until the cord is limp because I want my babies to have every bit of that precious cord blood.  It's theirs.

“The implications are huge,” Dr. Hutton said. “We are talking about depriving babies of 30 to 40 percent of their blood at birth — and just because we’ve learned a practice that’s bad.”
Screen Rules by Elizabeth Foss
Obviously every family will need to tweak to make it work for them but a great starting point.

Catholic Bishops Weigh in on Corporal Punishment

On Teaching from a State of Rest  - Beautiful and encouraging.  Thanks, Sarah!

Adults Standing on the Shoulders of Children

You guys are so funny.  I don't think of myself as a decorator at. all.  In fact, I think I'm kind of deficient in that department.  I do, however, consider myself a bit of a neat freak, everything-in-its-place type of person.  I'm learning to be okay with that and not embarrassed by the fact that my house is clean (how weird is that, right?).  Stuff that doesn't have a good place is gotten rid of.  But if you were to come over to my house in real life, you'd see that while I do try to keep stuff picked up and in its place when not in use, you would also see that we have a  few very ugly rooms (remember when I showed you the basement?  *shudder*).  You'd also see that there are scrapes on the walls, scratches and probably crumbs on the floors, and lots of smeary windows (I just can't find the motivation to keep those things clean).  Oh, and bugs.  Lots and lots of bugs.  You'd also see that the white furniture is not completely that anymore (and that's why slipcovers and washing machines rock).

Oh, a video of my toddler you ask?  Happy to oblige.
Luke tries to bat everything.  For a few days he would use this wooden princess figurine (and only the princess) as a bat.  B.O.Y.

Sorry it's dark and sorry for the silly commentary :)

See Jen for more 7QT!


  1. I really appreciated when the kids got medals on ribbons rather than trophies. They are so much easier to store and display! That wonderful big garage where you have the wall of all of the sports equipment could be officially called the athletic center and your crafty husband could create shelves to display the trophies like they do in the athletic wings in schools. You would see them proudly displayed every time you pull in and out of the garage but not every moment of every day. wouldn't that location be inspiring to the boys as they get out sports equipment to practice/play. Did I do a good enough sell on the location?

    Your messy house is the level I want to bring my cluttered house up to. Clean is in the eye of the beholder - Your clean standards are far above what most people achieve. I always love your home.

    Grandma & Grumpy

  2. Replies
    1. i agree with 90% of it, which is better than usual!

  3. didn't comment on the last post: envy is so not pretty in the comments! BUT! could the trophy go on the top shelf in the 'white room'? Some place for John Paul to see it and have something there - could move them out as you get more (just sayin you will get more!)


  4. My boys have their trophies in their rooms, thrown on their dressers next to their derby cars! I WISH they would keep their trophies neatly displayed, but is just does not happen. We have a small house and only have one real living area and there is NO WAY, I would put them there. Just not happening. And, you house is BEAUTIFUL!! I just saw your last post and LOVE that room. So pretty. I would love to go white and i have read of other familes who have done it and said it is actually the cheapest way to go because you can bleach the slip covers AND they are not that expensive at IKEA, but with the three boys, it just makes me nervous!

    1. That's where ours are from! And on sale at that! The covers are so cheap that I figured if they really did get trashed we could replace them in a few years. Cheaper than them destroying something that is nice and can't be washed, at least. If I get crazy we could even do another color! It was so exciting to finally replace our garage sale furniture :)

  5. Re #3--getting processed, meaning having someone else do it, or doing it yourself? :) I grew up on a farm and I have sooooo many memories of butchering chickens. I never graduated beyond cutting the leg quarters off and cutting them up. I mean, I plucked chickens all the time, but as far as the cutting goes that's as far as I went. And I have personal experience with the phrase "running around like a chicken with its head off..." I wonder if my bloggy readers could handle reminisces in detail? Things that make you go "hmmmmm...." ;)

    1. My husband does it with friends of ours (who happen to be chicken farmers). I did it with them the first time and it wasn't horrible but I won't be going out of my way to do it again :) I have a few of those memories, too! Quite the messy way...they do it differently so there is no running around after...

  6. Ohhh how I wish we were allowed to raise chickens. Stupid zoning regulations! It's up for review but I'm not hopeful...


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