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After our ultra-amateur photo shoot the other day we went over to the carousel park.  Local people with small children, do yourselves a favor and g to the o to this place.  It is so sweet and innocent and easy and fun for the little kids.  I feel like it's one of those places that will loom larger than life in their memories but in reality is this tiny one acre amusement park that is SO doable for families.  

Seriously, this is it.  There are six rides, some games and a food stand but perfect fun for the 2-8 age range.  We will milk this place as long as we can.


Oh, did I mention that it's CRAZY cheap?

Tickets are 25 cents to ride or play a game.  All the kids did rides AND we got ice cream for less than $20.

John Paul is just at the age where the rides could start feeling a bit lame.  But I love this kid.  We prepped him in the car that he might be too big now for the rides and he didn't complain one bit.  However, as soon as we saw that he still was under the cut off, his face lit up and he was thrilled.

Sometimes it pays to be short.

Luke could even ride and loved it!

I'm actually surprised that the guns on the planes have yet to be culled by the intelligentsia.


Nine years of age aren't going to stop this kid from squeezing into a car.

I'm not that shabby a skeeball player, thankyouverymuch.  Though this is the best picture the husband was able to capture.

Askew for Mrs. Donaldson.  Perhaps deranged clown that wants to eat your garbage may take the "askew" theme to a different level.  "C'mere innocent child and stick your tiny tasty little arm in my mouth...promise, I don't bite...muahahahaha"

A few more shots from the beach...

Ha!  The open collar with the chain and the sunglasses.  Just need a little bit of chest hair creeping out of that shirt and it would be perfect.


And some more slightly skewed just to throw Cari for a loop...

See, I was in some.  Brian's obviously not as artsy as me because most of the pictures he took looked something like this.

Or this:

Or perhaps it's just the subject...

Also on the real front:
Please say a prayer for a client's sister who just birthed twin boys at 28 weeks.  

And also please please pray for my friend Nella who birthed baby Avery yesterday at 32 weeks.  Prognosis is great but I'm sure she would appreciate any prayers we can offer that her sweet baby will be out of the NICU as soon as possible.  Please continue to pray for Nella's complete healing.
Thanks, friends!

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  1. This is my favorite type of amusement park - fun rides that are not scary and don't make you loose your lunch. I noticed that there was a sign looking for volunteers. Who sponsors this place? Also I noticed the change of shirts. Was this one of those photo sessions where you bring a variety of outfits to get just the right look? I hated when my kids didn't all get to ride the same rides. Someone always ended up disappointed. This is one place where you don't want your oldest to stand up tall. Definitely made memories.

    Grandma & Grumpy

  2. My parents keep on telling me that Olcott is all cleaned up now. I just remember it being a scary biker hang out when I was a teenager. You did not go to Olcott at night, or really ever!

    1. Ha! Parts of it do look sketchy but we stick to the carousel park and the little shops on the water. And in daylight :)

  3. Hooray for being able to read your whole blog posts in my feed!!! :)

    1. That other way was a bit obnoxious, wasn't it? Glad someone noticed ;)

  4. Your post had me cracking up! What a fun life you lead!

  5. The garbage can is scary!!! The rocks and your little fella on the beach are just beautiful!

  6. That clown scares me. Really, he does.

    But the other photos, especially the beach shots, are just gorgeous. Of course, your family is beautiful, so that helps. :)

  7. It looks sweet and cute and perfect for littles. We missed you by minutes yesterday when we skyped with Grandma and Grandpa Hall.... : (

  8. Great photos! Of you too :) Thanks so much for joining!


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