Boys on the Beach Photo Shoot

We spent a spectacular day yesterday near Lake Ontario in Olcott.  

And I pretended to be artsy.  

Once upon a time I took John Paul as a squirmy baby to a professional place to have pictures done.  The shoot was okay but the results were underwhelming for the effort and cost involved.  I've since never gone back to professional pictures.  I just have never seen the point when I can take zillion digital shots and at least one of them has to be worthy of a frame, right?  Maybe one day I'll splurge on a private photographer so that we can get one of all of us as a family in a location like this (and I'm sure the pictures would be much improved taken by one more experienced) but til then, I kinda like the candid scenes I capture better than any studio shot I've seen.  

My favorite

(same pic cropped)

Bam.  How cute is this?

(same pic uncropped)

Who is this kid?

Maybe a tad bright ;)

Luke was in his glory picking up hard objects and actually being allowed and encouraged to throw them.

We spent some time at the beach, then went over to the amazing carousel park (more pics from that later in the week), and treated ourselves to ice cream.  Our family needed a day like this.  The heat here has broken and the day was glorious.  God is good.


  1. I love the pictures! Need some family shots with you too :)

  2. these are way way way way better than anything you'd get from a studio!!! I LOVE them! (We've never done studio photos, but I've heard from so many parents that it can be a nightmare... so it's like a super ultra bonus that you got good shots and had a fun time doing it!)

  3. I love them all! I'm with you on not doing professional photos...I had professional ones done with each girl as a baby, and neither experience was all that great.

  4. You don't need professional shots, you are so talented yourself!!

  5. These are wonderful but I agree you need to be in some of them. All of your wonderful pictures makes it just a td easier to live so far from you. Keep taking and posting pictures.

    Grandma & Grumpy

  6. I love the rock throwing one...that should totally be turned into a canvas!

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. So stinking awesome! Can I attend the Photography class you will be teaching in the near future? ;)

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  9. These are all fabulous shots! All beautiful pictures!
    (I still remember the one time a photographer came to the house for a 'free' photo shoot of my firstborn, and he screamed and cried the whole time as the maniacal professional tried to make him smile.) You certainly don't need a professional!
    (and I thought your local landscape looked kind of familiar - I've never been over to Olcott but my husband is from Brockport)
    Your pictures would look great hung in a grouping - I don't know how you could choose just one to frame!

  10. Those r beautiful! i agree u need to be in some too:) I am one of the ones who go to the pros but only bc they r cheap(I use coupons and my last visit cost $2.00!!) and bc mostt of my pics have turned out pretty good. I do like the casual ones better but mine never turn out that good!


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