Weekend in Review (With WIWS and Way More Details Than You Could Ever Ever Want)

A few minutes and the house is quiet and I can blog?  Yippee!
The weekend was on its way to being a drag from the get-go.  Friday found me burnt-out, exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, etc.  And it was hot.  I had put the two littles down for an early nap because they both needed it and I was ready for nap time.  The problem with putting the littles down early for nap is that the then wake up earlier than normal.  And then that whole post-nap, pre-Papa coming home time is longer!  Much longer.  At about 2:30 I called the husband just to see what he was up to and to communicate to him via sighs and innuendo that I wanted him home and I was done.  And do you know what the blessed man said??  He said he was ALREADY ON HIS WAY HOME.  Yes.  He had got out of work early so he could come do some work on that whole long list of outdoor chores we've been trying to tackle.

You know what we did instead?

And it was perfect.  And just what we needed.
Grandma and Grandpa got that pool last year, remember?  How blessed are we that they let us come use it whenever?  So awesome.

Papa rickshaw for King David

You know why else I love the pool?  Because they keep the water above 82 degrees.  Which means I CAN GO IN IT and not hate it!

Just chillaxin' back there.  Or "paradising" as my nephew Matthew coined.

That face.  Michael's loving the water and gradually learning to swim.  We're not really those parents that are all you must learn to swim when you are three years old and spend hours and many dollars trying to make them do it.  They just sort of figure it out eventually.  They're never really ever around a body of water where there isn't strict adult supervision and they stay well inflated so I don't worry too much about it.

And then we even ordered a pizza and ate it there.  And I had a beer.  It was heavenly.  Just what we all needed.

But then.  Saturday morning John Paul woke up sick and got more and more lethargic as the day passed.  Often when he catches something he'll spike a fever and get really tired and it lasts just the morning and then he perks back up.  This one lasted longer and turned into a stomach emptying thing.  He camped out on the couch and watched some How It's Made episodes, thanks to the recommendations of Facebook friends.

Meanwhile the rest of us did outside work.  We spread mulch and moved rocks.  I began painting that garbage picked screen door.  Brian mowed.  It was good.  And while the two littles napped again I got to take Michael to his baseball game.  Where I got to witness this display of adorableness:

Really.  These kids are so little it is so friggin' cute watching them play.  I was told by Michael that I was supposed to take pictures of when he was up to bat because he was going to hit it all the way to the fence.  He didn't quite hit it that far but two times he hit the first pitch thrown!  This was their first game  with pitching rather than the tee.

Baseball ready.

Running home.  
There are no outs in this league which sounds lame and like something I would have thought silly in years past.  Now I see that it really is a good thing.  The kids just want to play and need to learn without being discouraged.  And it's been really good for Michael to have his own team and grow in confidence.  

The game ended just in time for me to make it to Confession (woot!) and Michael said it was "sort of like a date" since we got to go to the game and Confession just the two of us.

Later that afternoon the sky got very dark and foreboding and Brian cleaned up the outside stuff just in time before it was pouring.  Sheets and sheets of rain and rolls of thunder for a good half hour or so and then normal rain the rest of the evening.  Our yard is filled. which kind of stinks.  

Seriously, 2013, you will be known as the year Mother Nature was drunk.

John Paul was still sick Sunday morning, having thrown up twice during the night and still feeling cruddy.  That meant some fun dinner plans with friends had to be cancelled.  It also meant we had to split up for Mass.  I took the two middles with me and Brian went right when we got home.  The boys were pretty good with nary a fit or I-don't-like-what-you're-telling-me-so-now-my-knees-will-just-collapse which is an area in which one of our sons especially excels.  It was during the liturgy I realized I had totally forgotten that it was the feast of Corpus Christi.  So so glad that John Paul started feeling better in the afternoon because after some playing and working outside in the afternoon we had the great idea to do this post dinner:

Which is quite better than the ridiculous and bordering on inappropriate Corpus Christi themed desserts I was coming up with as I tried to think how we could honor the day.  I hope to make this a tradition, I think.

We spent a lovely hour in deep contemplative prayer on our knees after we prayed our Rosary in Latin.  I was too busy levitating to get any pictures.  Either that or we spent a grand total of ten minutes trying to keep one child from throwing a fit and the other from jabbering too loudly which ended in having to switch off with the Luke-babe so he wouldn't disturb everybody or try to throw something at the monstrance.  I can't really remember.

During my time on Luke duty we blew kisses to Jesus through the wall.  And then I saw this sign on the bulletin board and I was like, "HEY!  That's today!"  And it made me happy even though our time wasn't synchronized with Rome's time.  Still neat.  Thanks, Holy Spirit.  
(And we also prayed for Dweej and her baby.  Would you mind saying a prayer for them, too?  Thank you!)

THEN we got ice cream and life was even more good.

(Does this qualify for a WIWS link with the FLAP ladies?  Best picture I got!)  I wore this all day and miracle of miracles, only one small shirt stain which came out with some water.  You can see most of my Old Navy shirt bought last year in my current favorite color besides white.  Just a plain scoop neck jersey shirt.  I really have a hard time with patterned shirts and just don't feel like I know how to do them.  The white skirt I bought years and years ago and is also from the O.N.  It's a broom style skirt and I love it and wish I could get more of them in different colors.  I only wish I didn't have to wear a slip with it.  The sandals are hey! also from the Navy of Old bought last year.

Luke was denied.  The mess to expected happiness ratio just wasn't worth it.  He didn't care.  He preferred attempting to run into traffic and approaching strange dogs with reckless abandon.  He was cute about it, though, so all is forgiven.

This is their baby size.  Which is more than enough for any of us.

Ice cream makes great medicine. 

Then they ran.

The end.


  1. That early naptime + early wakeup is BRUTAL. I always kick myself when that happens, I really need to push naptime back so that the time from wakeup to dad coming home is as short as possible! Because you know they wake up and then want to eat ALL the things and cling to you as much as possible when you're trying to make dinner...

    That ice cream looks delicious! And that pool! Amazing! I'm envious of the warmth :)

  2. Swimming, baseball, icecream, running in fields - Summer is here!!! Great pictures.

    I had a thought - You should see if Old Navy will back your blog because you regularly give them free advertisement. It is worth a try.

    Happy Summer
    Grandma & Grumpy (the ones who don't have a pool :( )

  3. I want some if that ice cream. And a nap, after hearing how busy your weekend was. Hope no one else gets the stomach bug!

  4. Lovely pictures from what looks like a weekend redeemed? Hope John Paul is feeling better!

  5. Wow, what a great Corpus Christi for your family - I am inspired!! We normally do the Corpus Christi Procession in the city, but this year the high school graduation fell at the exact same time, and Phil had to be there. There was no way I was going to take all 5 kids by myself through the city!! I wish I had taken them to Adoration though, I probably could have pulled off ten minutes or so. Seriously, great idea!

  6. Mary, that picture of Michael makes me think of you playing softball! Give him a braided belt and he would be your clone! Too cute!

    1. Oh my goodness, and they totally have a braided belt he could wear!! Awesome. Remember our visors? Ha!

  7. Nothing better than a husband surprise coming home early on a friday. NOTHING! Well, a few things, but still....

    Love your feast day!

  8. What a fun, full weekend you had. I'm envious of the pool....someday we'll get there, just not this summer. This is our Illinois summer.

  9. Awesome weekend...the pool, the ice cream...the game...so much fun!

  10. I don't know what to comment on first- there's so much!
    It looks like you really captured the fun & beauty of summertime this past weekend. So glad you came to swim on Friday (and had a beer!) Those photos of Brian & the boys playing in the pool gave me such joy - that's what we got it for!
    I LOVED the pictures of Michael playing baseball! Oh my goodness, talk about melting your heart! So cute it almost makes me cry!
    Sorry that poor John Paul got sick but happy to see that the ice cream made him all better!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful weekend! Hopefully it's the first of many this summer!


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