Strawberries for Dinner

Some days?  
Some days you just need to pack up a cranky afternoon, throw your dinner plans out the window, head for the fields and have strawberries for dinner.  The strawberries don't wait, you know.

This little guy had a full quart at one point.  In the end I believe he contributed two berries for the common good.

And, of course, all mushy berries found were deemed ammunition in the "strawberry fight."

Luke makes a run for it.

Dragonfly spotting

One fine lookin' berry right there.

The spoils of the day.  


  1. Lisa and I are going picking on Weds. I don't think we will get as many as your family did. I think the spoils of the day pictures should have included some full tummy pictures. Happy strawberry everything! mmmmmmmmm can't wait to have some here.
    Love Grandma & Grumpy

  2. That looks like so much fun! Are the strawberry fields just open for everyone to go picking? I've never seen anything like that.

    1. It's at a local farm. You pick and pay by the quart when you leave :)

    2. Oh, that's awesome! Looks like you guys are making some wonderful memories together!

  3. Thorpes?? I was thinking of trying to get out with the kids tomorrow... but back to that whole "how many berries can you really get with just one adult in the mix" keeps making me rethink the plans. Looks like it was a beautiful day and you all had a fun time!

  4. Looks like your harvest was plentiful this year - the strawberries look much better than last year. You picked a ton. Nice to have strong young men to help in the fields! Yum!

  5. Did you have to weigh David before and after - and then pay for all he ate? : )

    What are you going to do with all the berries?


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