Seven Quick Takes

Will she or will she not actually get the Quick Takes up when she has tried and failed the past two Fridays?  Only time will tell...


John Paul turns nine today!  He has been counting down for a few weeks.  We're celebrating with grandparents and Godparents tomorrow.  John Paul asked for a Mistmantle party which we've been having fun planning.  Today is being marked with Mass, cereal for breakfast (I know.  Right down CRAZY people we are.), party preparations, tuna cheesies for dinner, then (provided it's not rained out) John Paul's last regular season game after which he will give his team the cupcakes that he has been planning from the moment he realized he had a game on his birthday.  (See?  Homeschool kids get to do that stuff, too!).  All of this reminds me that someday I really do  need to sit down and write what I remember of my firstborn's birth story.  It's really been nine years?


This verse has been on my mind this week.  Fitting for current events, I think.  But also fitting because I think it exemplifies John Paul perfectly.  The kid is awesome.


I am in absolute awe over how much has been raised for the Borobia laundry makeover.  When Cari started it I was hopeful we'd be able to raise a few hundred dollars to pay for a plumber to come fix things so she wouldn't be risking electrocution in order to do laundry.  Or diseases from the drowned mice. oh man, looks like an entire brand new laundry room, dryer, and maybe bathroom to boot.  People are so generous.  If you can and haven't yet, hop on over to Cari's to give.  And more importantly, keep praying for that little Borobia baby!  And wish Dwija a happy birthday, too, cuz today is the day the coolest people are born.


A semi-obligatory pic collage from the trip we took to the local historical village a few weeks ago.  It was pretty cool that this fit in perfectly with our reading of the Little House series over the past few months.  But weird that we were like the only people there.  There were two other families we saw so the volunteers and staff were a bit overly eager to talk to us.  This place is only like a mile from our house!

I made the formal decision to stop making my own laundry detergent out of powdered unicorn horns, rainbow dust, and a grated bar of fairy poop in the interest of actually getting clothes clean.  I may be developing an unnatural relationship with the following items:


It's not super eco-friendly but...our clothes are actually getting clean.  Like CLEAN, clean.  As in stains coming OUT clean.  Which is sort of the point of laundry after all.  I use the spray just on known hard stains and on the necks of my husband's work shirts.  And it WORKS on those weird neck stains which is important.  (More important: WHY are man necks so dirty?)  A half scoop of the powder right in the tub and normal amount of detergent.  This detergent may sort of kind of redeem the ole Wegman's for me.  I know, I know.  Around here admitting that you don't like Wegman's is a bit like admitting you torture baby gerbils in your spare time but...I just don't get the love.  However, I will credit them with some great (albeit unicorn-free) detergent.
5 1/2.
TRADER JOE'S IS COMING!  Last I heard, it will be at least October if not after the holidays.  But still.  TRADER JOE'S.  COMING.


(Psst...I also don't get Tim Horton's.  Way way waaaay overrated.)

Next week we're going to be throwing a party here on the blog for a special lady!  And there will be several rockin' giveaways!!  Stay tuned!

Phew!  Made it.
Joining with Jen!  Happy Friday!


  1. Happy Bifthday John Paul!!! We love you and miss you.

    Mary...can't wait to see the awesome cake you are making.

    Love that verse too...recently sent that one to our Compassion kids.

    1. ooh. I don't have high hopes for this one. But we'll see...

  2. Happy bday JP! And Bridget - lots of cool people born this day definitely !!
    What happened that u don't like Wegmans? That is blasphemous around here;)

    1. I suppose there is a lot I like about them especially compared to other big grocery stores. I just hate how big and loud it is there. I'm such a weirdo.

  3. I used that exact recipe for my laundry once. I forced myself to use up the ingredients that I bought but that was all I could take before I was back to Arm and Hammer. Because yeah, as long as I'm stuck doing laundry I really do want clean clothes as a result. An I didn't care much for grating the fairy poop.

  4. dirty man necks - love it! I also love oxi clean for dirty boy grass stained knee pants.

  5. Wegmans and Tim Hortons in one post?! Why don't know you say that Might Taco is gross too and get it over with :) I am glad that you are getting Brian's shirts cleaner but I think we should just both agree to send them to work with dirty collars. You are setting the standard to high for his co-workers. ;)

    1. Don't worry, MT + me = BFFs. We've made many memories together.

  6. crack me up with your recipe for homemade laundry detergent. I love oxy-clean too!

  7. HUSH. Your mouth. about my beloved Tim Horton's ;-)

    1. I knew I should've kept my mouth shut :) It's the food. The coffee isn't bad. But the food is just there as window dressing and is...blah. Plus, I may be bitter that I've never rolled up the rim and actually won.

  8. And great verse! Needed that after this week of devastating news.

    And... Cereal?! Scandal! Lol

  9. Happy birthday to John Paul!

    I've been wanting to make our own laundry detergent buuuuut if it doesn't actually get things clean... I'll stick with my tide powder :P I think my next project is reusable cleaning wipes, since my husband has an unhealthy obsession with Clorox wipes!

    And I LOVE Wegman's, but only late at night when nobody's there. The food is so much more reasonably-priced than other grocery stores, although once you get a Trader Joe's you'll hardly need Wegman's!

  10. Happy Birthday John Paul!!! Hope the package and card arrived on time. Wish we could be there.
    Even I love Wegman's and we are in Chicago. Of course my main experience and thoughts of Wegman's are from the Strong Museum. Maybe the big store is a little different.
    Now that you aren't buying the fairy poop any more, I hope the fairies can find another source of income. Ovyclean does work well.

    Grandma & Grumpy

  11. Tim's is much better here in its birthplace-Canada.

  12. If you ever had to be without Wegmans you would remember how great it was. I miss it whenever I have to go to multiple stores for things. Wegmans always had my pectin for canning...

    Trader Joe's will be small and quiet for you if you get there before 10 am. :)

  13. New reader love from FL. I too dumped the 'earth friendly" laundry soap for Tide of all things. In FL the humidity breeds mildew out of thin air, and our clothes smelled gross!

    I am jealous of Trader Joes. A lot.


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