{pretty, happy, funny, real} with a Deluge of Dad

I promised a deluge of dad pictures for Theme Thursday after last week's girl drought.  And I live up to my promises.  

My boys are so blessed to have this man as their father.

{pretty}  {handsome}

Back in the first days of being a dad.  Before the gray hair set in.

With Michael.

Ooh.  I sense a theme.  Wearing David.

And with Luke.

Apparently I have a thing for him wearing the babies...


These first moments of Brian meeting his sons make my heart so happy.


John Paul




I think this may be one of my very favorite pictures of Brian...

I mean it.  It says so much to me.  There's not even a question in his mind that he would be there ready to jump in and catch as his wife pushes out a baby.  And the fact that what is in that bowl is exactly what you think might be in that bowl?  I love that it doesn't bother him one bit.  He is just so in love with his son.  (And yes, you can thank me for cropping out that birth water ;)


Real normal everyday life with a spectacular dad.

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  1. Oh my those pictures are incredible! Yes, thanks for cropping out the birth water :) and I LOVE that last picture. You are blessed.

  2. These are all so awesome! And the placenta in a bowl? Incredible. Just incredible! What a fabulous husband :)

  3. Awesome awesome awesome post. Just.... Swoon. :)

  4. Aw, this is an awesome post!! Great tribute, and a wonderful set of photos to show off an obviously amazing dad!!

  5. All I can say is :)

    Grandma& Grumpy

  6. Wonderful photos! It is wonderful to see into the lives of others who are blessed with great husbands instead of the typical ick of today's society.


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