From Barn Door to Headboard

Remember this beauty from my post on how God speaks to me through other people's garbage?

The beautiful old farmhouse with the old barn a few doors down from us has been leaving piles of beautifully aged old wood at the curb each week.  We (meaning Brian) picked up this door and brought it home.  
Do you know how tall this door was?  
79 inches
Do you know how wide a king size bed is?
76 inches
Clearly it was meant to be.  No cutting whatsoever because, of course, you want the headboard to have a little bit of give on either side, right?

We did sand it down to remove the dirt and a bit of green from the surface.  Brian also removed the front support pieces because they weren't symmetrically placed and we couldn't have that now, could we?  He added different ones from his scrap wood stash to the back to keep it all together.  I applied that homemade steel wool and vinegar stain that I've seen popping up on Pinterest and it gave the wood a nice darker look.  I was going to seal it but I didn't like how my test spots were turning out so I ended up just leaving it bare and giving it a final light sanding.

And now it's up!

Luke-baby photobomb :)

Look at that rusticy rusticness.  Love it.

Brian screwed it right to the wall.  You can see the spots where we removed the boards and we couldn't get the stain to cover the wood underneath uniformly.  Working with old wood can be tricky like that.  But it's not really that noticeable in person so I don't mind.  It's also kinda neat that it has some local history.  Oh and our final price?  Free.  Because God's cool like that.


  1. I am convulsing with envy right now. That is gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful! I had to look at pottery barn. Check this but I don't think it has as much charm and character and absolutely no local history. I hope the link works. And there lesser imitation comes in at $899 plus shipping!!!!! Nice job!
    Grandma & Grumpy

  3. Too cool! I love how Luke's wearing white to match the decor ;)

  4. B E A U T I F U L !!

    Absolutely flippin' perfect!

    Envy and jealousy is so not cool this early in the morning


  5. How do you get such inspiration?? It's so beautiful!

  6. Wow wow wow! I need a headboard (never had one) but first I need a King Size bed!!! Phil aid after our third baby was born that we would get one before the fourth came along...never happened...couldn't fit in our bedroom if we tried. So now the promise is that when/if we move, we will get a King size bed. I will be coming back to get the headboard idea then!!

  7. That is so incredibly beautiful! I love all the white! I would be too afraid to do that, but it is so pretty!

  8. Wow. Seriously... Wow. That is gorgeous.

  9. This is super gorgeous, and I absolutely love your all white bedding. I don't think I could pull that off! Just minutes ago I was yelling to Bea to get off my bed with her dirty feet and dirty shorts!

    1. Ha, well the lighting is really dark in there most of the time because of the ultra chic blankets covering the windows so...

  10. Lovely headboard! Reminds me that I just recently took all parts for our headboard that were standing around in the appartment (for about 3 months now) into the basement because I didn't get startet. But I should give building a headboard definitively a try when we come back from vacation, as I'm the one in the family to build rather than my boyfriend...


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