Yarn Along - 5/22/13

After a long break from the needles, I started a very basic baby hat over the weekend for a doula baby I should be meeting soon!  I'm using an organic cotton yarn (Nature's Choice from Lion Brand) because I think mom will appreciate that and wool seemed too hot for a summer baby.  I liked the colors in the store but now I'm not so sure.  I feel like they may be too Easter egg-y.  What do you think?  Obviously, baby is showing to be a girl :)

I'm almost finished with The Temperament God Gave Your Kids and I'm really getting a lot out of it.  I've read the Bennett's other two books The Temperament God Gave You and The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse and I found them really helpful.  If you've read the other ones this one is definitely not groundbreaking but it does give a lot of great insight into parenting different temperament types.  I especially like how it helps lay out different virtues that each temperament is naturally strong and weak in.  I've found it very balanced, although I do wish it would delve more into the temperament combinations.  I was thinking we had one each of the four classic temperaments in our bunch but after doing the tests (and being unsure how to answer a lot of the questions for the younger two) I think we have a mostly melancholic, a sanguine-choleric, a choleric, and a once-phlegmatic-now-just-a-toddler.  Toddlerhood does seem to mix things up a bit :) I guess we can reevaluate in a few years!  Anyway, I don't necessarily like the idea of compartmentalizing and labeling people so much but I can't deny that there is a lot of truth to it.  I do think it's important to realize that, especially with children, labeling them can be very dangerous and I am VERY careful not to box them in or assume that their temperament won't change a bit as they mature.  However, it's been really helpful in helping me understand other people, work with different temperaments, and figure out as a melancholic-choleric how I can play nicely with others.  I think this book would be really helpful to read for a lot of younger generation parents who tend to think that something is wrong with their child when really, they may just be a child with a different temperament and normal childhood quirks.

Brian and the boys arrived home yesterday!  It sounds like they had an amazing time and the boys were chattering on about their camping trip and the ordination and the praise and worship night and the Cabrini Shrine and how Father John blessed them.  If I can get some of the pictures off Brian's phone, maybe I'll get to share some.  I could totally see us living out that way some day.  They brought the three of us each a special memento from the trip, mine being a beautiful St. Benedict cross to wear, David got a cross, and Luke a (non-breakable!) rope rosary.  I am so so glad they were able to go and I just know that God wanted them there and that there will be many graces from it.

Waiting for the other half of the family to come home

Joining with Ginny!


  1. I love the colors of the yarn! Pretty!
    And that book is on my list to read this summer.

  2. What treasures they came home with! love the knit you are doing! :)

  3. I really love the color of your yarn, it looks just right for a summer baby hat!


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