This Month in Boys - May 2013

In the wee hours of this morning, Brian, John Paul, and Michael hopped on a plane to Colorado.  Our friend Brother (now Deacon) John is being ordained this weekend!  We thought about just Brian flying out but then realized what an incredible opportunity this would be for the older boys to see an ordination as well as have some growing up man time with Papa.  They'll be camping in the mountains, attending the Ordination and the parties around it and going on some other little adventures.  In the meantime I'm back here remembering what it's like to only have two to tend and not thinking about how far away my boys are for the first time ever.  I so wish we could have all gone but I really felt convicted that things were supposed to be this way.  They are going to have an amazing time and I'm so glad the three of them have this opportunity.  Also praying for Deacon John as he enters into holy priesthood.  God is so good.

John Paul

-could hardly sleep with how excited he was to go on the big trip to Denver. 
-shoots down flowers for Mama via bow and arrow.  
-still has big plans for "my army."
-when not building or riding his bike, his free time is spent curled up with a book.
-would love to be on Jeopardy! some day.  Once in a great while if he's had a good day, he can watch some of it at night.  He is absolutely thrilled when he gets a question right.
-knows way more about physics and space than his mother.
-is convinced he is more than old enough to mow the lawn (can't wait either, buddy).
-just started fifth grade math.
-has the neatest shade of dark gray (with a small touch of blue) eyes


-on packing for their big trip first and foremost was concerned with his rosary.  "Mama, are we going to be praying the Rosary or the Chaplet while we're gone?"  "I don't know...maybe!"  "Okay.  Well, John Paul has a black rosary in his suitcase so we'll keep that in there.  And I'll go get one to put in mine."
-loves reading Little House with Mama.
-calls his bike "Hawk."
-isn't at all motivated by money offered if he deems a chore too hard but is still super helpful with tasks he feels he can manage.
-has a great baseball swing and can hit without the tee.
-does not like to make decisions.  Even deciding what to draw is difficult for him.  He thrives on knowing what is expected and having a routine.
-has finally started to eat a bit more and put a tiny bit of meat on that skinny body.

-has gorgeous blue-gray eyes that reflect the color of whatever he is looking at or wearing.


-turned FOUR!
-has not once been sad that he wasn't going on the big trip and has just been thrilled that we get to do "special things" at home like go to the zoo where he really and truly plans on swimming with the hippopotamus.
-gets up earlier than the older boys and walks all groggily downstairs to find Mama or Papa.
-every night remembers that he forgot to build his "push mower" that day.
-has the greatest expressions of excitement when he is telling you about something.  His arched eyebrows are hilarious.
-"Guys!  Papa gave ME a blowing kiss (don't's not like blowing a kiss...less dainty, more boy)!"  "What did it feel like?"  "Like a BOMB hitting my face!!"
-had what we thought were deep brown eyes but just the other day noticed a dash of hazel creeping in (yay!).


-still gets called Lukapotamus from time to time but it is also often shortened to Lukapot or morphed into Lukapotpie.
-gets taken down from the kitchen or dining room table at least ten times a day.  He's also discovered that he can move chairs and climb on or get into anywhere the chair can go...
-loves to play ball.
-has spent more than a few nights in Mama and Papa's bed this month.
-every day runs excited and with arms up to Papa when he gets home from work.
-loves to get his shoes in the hopes that we'll get to go outside.
-had no fear of picking up our new chicks and loves to look out the window at the birds or squirrels or chickens.
-still hasn't settled on an eye color yet.  Lately, they're looking dark blackish brown similar to how David's were at this age.

Happy Thursday!


  1. God bless you as you take care of the younger two! it is a wonderful opportunity for your older boys! how wonderful!

  2. I love when you write these! I may have to start b/c I see how it can be such a great way to treasure whatever it is they're into at the moment... keep track of how they're growing and changing... and just appreciating each for who he is every time you sit down to write it! Love it! Have a nice weekend with the little guys!

  3. May I just say, you take fantastic pictures.

  4. Your boys are so handsome! I still cannot believe that Aron will be ordained! So happy for him. I have not seen him in YEARS!

  5. This Month in Boys - always my favorite post. Pictures and stories are great. Enjoy all your special days with David and Luke. I know it is hard to have the older ones so far away. The littles will help the time pass quickly.
    We are excited for the boys to be able to go with Brian to attend Brother John's ordination. I think Brian was only about 15 when they mat and he became a regular at our dinner table for several years. Funny to think that John Paul isn't that far from the age Brian was when they met. Our prayers are with Brother John this weekend.

    Grandma & Grumpy


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