So Much Spring {pretty, happy, funny, real} with {play}

 I am in such a different place than I was last week.  It's amazing how just getting out of the house and being outside and living real life lifts the spirit.  You suddenly realize how silly you are brooding over internet drama.  And you realize you've got it pretty darn good.  

I'm very much grateful to the woman who lived here before us.  Or maybe it was the mister.  I suppose I sexistly assume that the woman would be the one who planted the hundreds of daffodils all over our property.  Whoever it was, he or she planted huge groupings of daffodils in random locations all over the place.  So many that I and the boys can pick them with abandon and without it being noticeable. 

The blooming is often staggered which means that for much of spring I get to have {pretty} little scenes like this

and this

all over the house.  It's quite fun.
I'm also very grateful for the fourteen pear trees they planted.  I snipped off a few branches last week and forced them to bloom.  So {pretty} despite the mess they make!

Last year we got one pear out of ALL of them because of the terrible early blooming and late freeze.  This year I'm predicting we will have pears coming out of our ears.


The past few mornings we have been staring at this window

You can't see anything but a glimpse of her tail in the photo but a lovely robin has decided to make her nest on our bathroom window sill.  She's been chirping and her tail clicking against the window in the early morning hours and now she's been patiently sitting.

There she is.  And by some of her expressions I'm pretty sure she is laying her eggs today :)


This also makes me {happy}.  When, even for a few brief moments, I can step back from noticing every weed and waiting chore and see how beautifully blessed we are.

Luke loves the chickens.  LOVES.

Can you tell??

He'll make the best chicken sound when you ask him, too.  He clucks his tongue and points outside.
He also loves to {play} ball.

The picture didn't turn out great but I love that expression!


Who needs lots of toys when you have chickens, some balls, and piles of...grass.

Picking up piles of grass and bringing them to the chickens turned into this:

How boys {play}

"King of the Grass" (Score negative five for creativity, buddy.)
And also a {funny} that made me laugh, this note from my niece:

She'd rather be out finding lizards and playing Narnia than having anything to do with princesses.  And she makes that quite clear.  Love that girl.


I have a love-hate relationship with going outside at the moment.  It's ridiculous, I completely admit it.  It is so hard for me to be outside because I notice every. single. little. thing. that needs to be done out there but I can do next to none of it because Luke is at the age where I have to keep an eye on him every second.  There are so many things that "need" (in my head) to get done and it is a conscious act of letting go and prioritizing the truly important things.  And my husband has this job thing which totally gets in the way of me handing it over to him.  

Anyway, this little triangular section has been driving me nuts.  When we had the sidewalks replaced the dust and debris from the crew killed the lovely creeping myrtle that grew here and I haven't been able to get it back going again.  And the weeds and the accidentally spilled grass seed have succeeded in taking over.

That little pond was here from the previous owners as well.  The pipe to our outside spigot burst last week so we haven't been able to finish cleaning and filling it.  Which is probably a good thing because, you know, toddler.

There's another little pond in the background there.  Also empty.
Another area that we're hoping to tackle this year is this:

We need to finally tear down the super old and decrepit chicken coop and maybe clear out this alien weed spawning area.  It doesn't look like much now but in a few weeks it will be showcasing freakishly tall dandelions and nettle that supply all of our neighbors with all the blowing weed seeds they could possible desire.  I'm sure they're grateful.

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  1. Actually, that note is from Kayleigh. She's making a point to tell all the boys she knows that she doesn't like princesses anymore. Boys tend to accept Sydney more because, well - she likes creepy, crawly things. So Kay's doing her best to fit in! : )

    1. Ah, we thought she was using Kayleigh's paper and clarifying for us! So funny! Poor Kay, having to abandon her princesses!

  2. What awesome photos!! I am feeling strangely envious of you having all those wonderful outdoor projects you want to work on. They all seem so small and doable. I know, I know, the grass is always greener... My projects this spring including installing raised beds and building a bridge across the area between the house and the cars that floods every spring! :-)

    1. Ohhhh, DON'T worry. There are PLENTY of big projects on the list as well ;)

  3. I always love seeing that shade of green that has yellow in it and they call spring green. Also the sprigs of first leaves before the trees fill in. It is almost exciting to me that the world be lush again very soon. I try to make a point of looking for the daily changes to be able to drink it all in. This year our daffodils and tulips are in bloom at the same time. Ususally one is gone just as the other appears. The bulbs really multiplied last year. There are so many more than last year. Glad you are getting to enjoy the outdoors even if you can't get things done. Maybe the job you need to do right now is just enjoy.
    Happy Spring
    Grandma & Grumpy

  4. SO lovely! You really are blessed, and the grass is always greener, isn't it! I'd trade my carefree apartment living for annoying chores to live at your place in. a. heartbeat. :)

  5. Well, you made me feel better about my zero pears. I really was feeling dumb, but the trees had to be pruned! So here's to a bumper crop this year :)


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