Yarn Along, Yammering, Another Giveaway, and a Winner!

See that little tiny itsy bit of knitting up there?  I finally casted on a Lazy Susan Scarf after scrolling through page after page of Ravelry to find a smallish scarf I could knit for myself with only one skein of yarn.  I still haven't learned after several years of knitting that most projects require several skeins.  I see something pretty and buy one (because I can't stomach the cost of buying more especially since I have no plan of what I'm going to do with it).  So then I have a bunch of differing individual skeins with which I can make nothing besides baby clothes.  I'm hoping this scarf will be turn out and actually be something I wear.  It's my first attempt at more intricate lacing and the yarn is a alpaca/cashmere/camel(?)/silk blend from Road to China.  I was trying to go outside my comfort zone a bit with this garnet color.  I'm a little uncertain about it but I'll knit it up (ever so slowly these days) and see what happens.  I've had so little time to knit lately!  

I'm still making my way through the bottom two books and slowly reading aloud Farmer Boy to the boys.  Can I say something about the Little House books without being ostracized from every homeschooling, literary-loving community out there?  Yes, I love many many aspects of the books but oh my!  How they discipline the children?  I sort of gloss over those parts because I'm not really comfortable with describing how a father or teacher can whip or "thrash" a little boy or girl!  I never really hear anyone mention these parts that are troublesome to me.  Not that I've been looking all that much, but still.  Anyone?  Do you read those parts to your kids?  How do you handle that?

Onto other things...it's rainy here today after a few glorious days of sunshine.  I'm trying to get a hold on life and reroutine ourselves and readjust things like chores and schedules and expectations.  Things have been a bit hairy lately and it's once again been time to reevaluate all that stuff.  My mind lately feels like I've been going a mile a minute and it never. stops.  It's exhausting.  Time for reassessing and reworking and reprioritizing and reremembering that having and homeschooling four children is a fuller than full time job.  I'm struggling with things that are too big for this space and trying to live life in the midst of it.  Every day I wonder how God expects me to do this.  And then the next minute I'm singing His praises thinking things aren't so bad and I'm not screwing up all that badly anyhow.  Aaand this pretty much always happens in my head whenever I'm sorely sleep deprived so at least I'm remembering that this time around.  I'm not sure how new chore charts will help all that but that's never stopped me before.  Chore charts will fix all the things!  Or maybe just a nap.  Yes, probably the nap.

Wow, that got a bit more melancholic than I was expecting.  
Anyway, what lucky person will be sent a brand spankin' new Pampered Chef paring knife from Maria's giveaway???  
Congrats, lady!  Hook me up with your address so we can mail it out to you!

Don't forget that the virtual party is still going on so if you'd like to hop on over to the site and shop, please do!  Free things!  Mother's Day!  Birthdays!  New spatulas!  Who doesn't need a new spatula?

Today Maria offered to give a copy of the Pampered Chef Season's Best Recipe Collection to one of my readers!  Just comment below and tell me your favorite go-to summer recipe to be entered.  (Or just say anything, I'll enter you :)  Share on Facebook (and come back and tell me in the comments) for another entry.  We'll pick a winner Monday night and there's a few more giveaways this week so stick around!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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  1. We have had that issue with a few books. I do not remember it in the Little House Books, but sometimes my hubby reads the books. We have a general rule that we will just skip over things like that.

  2. One of my favorite recipes (although not necessarily summer:) is baked spaghetti! Thank you for the giveaway! Although I've never commented before, I always enjoy reading your blog!

    God Bless,

  3. Woot woot! I'm so happy I won! My email is:
    collmart at gmail dot com

  4. My favourite summer recipe is strawberry pie.
    And as for the Little House books, they were read to me as a child, and I remember the parts about the discipline, but I don't remember being scared by it. I actually had a friend in my class whose dad would hit him with a belt, so not too far out (this was in the 1980's) from reality. I plan to read them to my daughter soon, and I likely won't skip over it. A lot of things were different about life back then (my kids know I don't make butter, or skin pigs, so why would they won't expect the same discipline). But again, everyone has their own choice in this, and each is just right for our own children :)

  5. Yes, the nap. I am SO EMOTIONAL this pregnancy and when I start to wig, I know I need a nap. So, daily. :) my friend says naps are like nuclear disarmament in a mothers world. :)

    I read those parts to my kids, and then if they complain about it, I thrash them. KIDDING!!! :) of course. We read them, but my kids seem to realize that such discipline was standard for that time period. They don't seem overly disturbed by it. Or disturbed at all, actually. I think the parents show so much love in the books, it all works out in their minds...

    1. You just made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the thoughts. Yeah, the things that have slipped by I haven't noticed a huge reaction to. It does make me so sad for those kids, though! I just can't imagine calmly choosing to whip one of my kids, you know? But they definitely love in their own way as well!

  6. My favorite summer recipe is Bar-B-Que Chicken. Thank you for the chance to win!


  7. My favorite summer recipe is fresh veg cooked on the grill...zucchini..etc.
    Gina B.


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