Yarn Along for Easter Week

I think I have knitter's block.  

Is that a thing?
I want to knit but don't know what and when I try to just go look for something, it feels, I don't know, forced or something.  I even have all these pretty yarns sitting in my stash waiting to be used but nothing is clicking.  So it's been a while since I've knit except for the other day when I realized I had very little to put into the boys' Easter baskets.  So here and there over Good Friday and Holy Saturday I knit up four more of my knit eggs.  The boys each got one in their basket to add to "Luke's" stash from last year.  They play with these eggs all the time in all sorts of ways.  The latest has been with egg hunts all over the house (they love to match the color of the egg to its hiding place so it's trickier to find).  But another favorite is pelting Papa (and possibly dinner guests) with stuffed eggs and having battles.  (FYI:  I did update my pattern to give more detail because I realized that the directions were pretty lame before!)

I've got a whole queue of books that I've been working through.  I paged through a friend's copy of Large Family Logistics and read through parts that I thought might be helpful.  Nothing hugely earth shattering in there but it did give me some extra motivation that I need to rework our chore routine and expectations around here.  I've also finally gotten around to starting Style, Sex, and Substance and have been discussing it with some friends.  Also in the mix is Redeeming Childbirth by Angie Tolpin and I'm very much hoping to be sharing more with you on that one soon!  Last week I finished David of Jerusalem by Louis de Wohl and I think I'd like to put some more of his work on the list.  John Paul and I finished all of the Mistmantle Chronicles and haven't yet planned what we're going to read together next but with the rest of the boys we're now rereading Farmer Boy as we work our way through the whole Wilder series.

For those stopping by today, don't forget to enter to win the handmade rosary giveaway!  Giveaway closes Sunday!

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