This Month in Boys - April 2013

John Paul

-still kisses good night.
-eats everyone's scraps at dinner (who needs a dog?).
-is so super good about helping out with his younger brothers.
-is doing a project on The Chronicles of Mistmantle for our homeschool creative fair.
-is so so so so easily distracted.  And I realize he totally has picked up on my ADD/multitasking tendencies without the benefit of actually accomplishing anything.
-just finished fourth grade math!
-is excited to play for the Colorado Rockies, his baseball team (he's BEEN cool is that?).
-would like to travel to Rome and live in Colorado.


-gives Luke random hugs and kisses and uses a special sweet baby voice when talking to him.
-is doing a project on the parts of the body for the creative fair.
-lingers over every meal far longer than everyone else.  And still barely eats a thing.
-is excited to play on the Chicago Cubs, his first baseball team (he was BORN cool is that?).
-has been praying to be able to receive his First Holy Communion in Rome from the pope.  (Um...yes, please?)
-gets the most enviable tan after one day of playing outside in April.
-would like to travel to Rome and Oregon.


-can do our countries of Europe puzzle all on his own and is bringing that to show at the creative fair.
-is perfectly content and excited to just go and watch baseball practices.
-starts many sentences with  "even I..."
-likes to compete with his brothers over how big of bites they can take during meals.
-said "When I grow up I might be a king of a big army.  And I might have a sword that I can wave over the bad guys to change them to good guys." (We've been trying to channel his slight fixation on violence...)
-this morning cried "Papa, WAIT!  I need to punch you before you leave!"  (Boys.  Papa, of course, happily obliged.)
-still has the cutest waddle-run.
-would like to travel to Rome (note to self:  ask them these questions when they are separated), "the place with the pretend Wegman's" (Strong Museum), and the beach at the Pacific Ocean.


-has the best nod and noise to say "again" as in asking for Papa to throw him in the air "again."
-just moved on up to 18 month bottoms and is quickly catching up to his almost four year old brother.
-is finally getting a break from teething and being sick and is just the cutest most mischievous little toddler in the world.
-was stunned when the weather finally nicened up enough to take him outside to play.  I put him down to walk and he was paralyzed...he wore this shocked expression and I imagine he was living a real life fairytale where one can step through the window glass and enter a strange new world filled with fresh clean air and inviting yard swamps to fall in.
-loves watching the chickens from the window.
-still has not learned to not climb on the tables.
-falls down, gets knocked over, or bangs himself far too many times a day.
-would probably go anywhere as long as it didn't involve sitting still for any period of time.

Linking up with Cari for the Theme Thursday of something I know just a little bit about.  Boys.  Worked out quite nicely that it fell in the middle of the month for my monthly boy update, if I do say so myself.  I've got those pictures up there and about a zillion more boy shots I could show you from my files.  I am very much restraining myself.  I shall have mercy and only show you these:

This isn't even that great of a picture photography wise.  But I love it.  David was just a few days old and Brian took the older boys out for a walk.  There was a creek near the house and they stopped to catch crayfish.  In their overalls.  Love.  It.

All the boys the morning David was born.  

Michael my fiercely shy knight

Serious backyard hiking

Yeah, I don't know either.

Because any boy in a cowboy hat just looks that much cuter.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love all the pics...especially the cowboy hat one. You're right...cowboy hats make any boy cuter!

  2. Love your pictures and so many of the things they do or say remind me of my two year old son!

  3. I love these posts! I should do this for my girls.

    Great pictures of your boys. Tell Michael he is welcome in Oregon, and I'll gladly take David to the beach again!

    Sydney wants to know more about the Chronicles of Mistmantle project. She made something Mistmantle related for John Paul and we mailed it yesterday.

    1. He'll be thrilled I'm sure! I'll be sure to take pictures. He did a little diorama of Mistmantle and a poster board with a summary of the main info on the books. Can you tell the boys LOVED their time with you guys?? You've become the epitome of vacation to them :)

  4. Oh I just love your boys! We ought to seriously consider a matchmaking endeavor between my Tulip and your John Paul. ;)

    Remind me which math you are using?

    1. We use Singapore workbooks and ignore the texts. I've been pretty happy with it...but John Paul is really easy to teach so we'll see how it goes for the rest of them!

      And yes, I would be THRILLED if Tulip were my daughter in law :) :) Then we could take all the credit, too :)

  5. I love that you did bios!! Also, fave pic is the two boys peering over the rock.

  6. This was so much fun to read and see. I love the creek-side overalls pic! And the hiking. And the knight in armor. Ok, all of them. On Luke's April photo I saw drips coming out of his nose and thought, "Oh man. He STILL has a cold?" Then I realized it was just something sticky on my screen :)

    1. Ha! He is totally better but I did notice that his nose had some crustiness from the wind and being outside in the pic. But it was the best I could get. More realistic, right? :)

  7. This theme was right up your ally! Loved the boys in the overalls. Total boy concentration.

  8. Great assortment of photos! So much fun and variation. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  9. I so look forward to This Month in Boys. I just soak in the pictures of the boys. They are always fabulous. With those wonderful faces how could they be anything else? The clips give me an insight into the boys. Thanks for sharing.
    Grandma & Grumpy

  10. You have the best subjects! Just look at them! So sweet. Ohmygosh.

  11. They're sooo sweet! All four of them! The kisses and changing bad guys to good guys and those smiles could melt any heart!!!! Thank you for linking up! I loved reading about your boys!

    P.S. You have the best backyard evaaaa...I'm sooo very jealous! :)


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