Seven Quick Takes - Another Giveaway and Some Ridiculousness

Maria is offering another giveaway!  This time she's doubling up and offering one of my readers BOTH the Pampered Chef Quicut Paring Knife   
AND the Season's Best Recipe Collection book!

All you gotta do is comment  and tell me the item in your kitchen that you most want to replace and you'll be entered!  Winner drawn Monday night.  Still time to enter the recipe collection giveaway from the other day if you click over.  And if you're looking for kitchen supplies or a Mother's Day gift, please click over the Pampered Chef party going on for a few more days!  Thanks to all who have participated!

So David is almost four and has been really ready for reading.  I started him last week on the Teach Your Child to Read book and he is now at lesson 18.  Michael is on lesson 90 (and doing fabulously).  I'm actually really thinking that we can even them out over the next year in several subjects and teach them together.  How sweet would that be?  Homeschooling FTW.

Michael really is doing so well with reading and this was the sight I was treated to this very very very early morning as I stumbled bleary-eyed out of the kitchen waiting for the coffee to kick in:

Holy sweetness, Batman.

Baseball practices have begun and John Paul's first game is tomorrow!  Michael's season doesn't start for a few weeks.  (How I WISH they could be on the same team!!)  And the forecast for the weekend and next week looks perfect.  I'm looking forward to being out in the sunshine and hanging with my little family at the ballpark.

Several big big big prayer intentions for you, friends?  For a five month old baby boy who died unexpectedly and moreso his grieving family.  For a friend with cancer.  For my father in law and his health.  For the conversion of some specific but unnamed people.  Thank you so so much!

Tonight I'm making these Red Lentil Sloppy Joes for dinner and I will try to convince the boy and menfolk that no, it's JUST like the meat!  I think I've finally gotten over my lentil fear.  I'm not exactly sure my kids have.

Some ridiculousness to start your weekend off right:

Cheese Face

(Pretend it's in focus, please.)

Happy weekend and welcome back, Jen!


  1. I don't think pampered chef sells these, but I would love a new microwave! The paint on the inside of mine is starting to crack, bubble and peel. Otherwise, I'd love some new paring knives with canning season just around the corner!

  2. I, too really need to replace my microwave that is one of the things that didn't get done in the kitchen renovation. On the other hand, when Rick & Britney were over and helping fix dinner they said "What do you mean -you don't have a paring knife?"
    Great pictures and thanks for the prayer intentions for Grumpy.
    Grandma & Grumpy.

  3. Alright, it is time to try to win this pairing knife! I would love to get a new immersion blender. With summer on its way, smoothie season is almost here. I love being able to make the kids smoothies (of course sneaking in some spinach while no one is looking) and not have to pull out and clean the blender to do it.

  4. One thing I need to replace is my spatula. I put it in a little too low while my blender was going trying to scrape. Well, it sliced it pretty good! I would love the pairing knife, I'm pretty sure I got mine from the dollar store about 4 years ago... Sad, I know.

  5. Ps- how do you like "teach your child to read"? Would you recommend??

    1. I like it. I don't think it's beautiful or overly fun but I like how it progresses and I can tell there is a reason it progresses the way it does. I wish the stories were better and the illustrations are lame but I just use it as a tool to get to the good stuff. I DON'T use it verbatim or exactly as written, though. I don't do any of the handwriting and I skip over a whole lot of stuff. I'm basically just using it because I feel like people who have studied this and know way more about the science behind learning to read have set it up well and it's all inclusive. It has worked really well for us that way.

  6. Love these giveaways!!! I need a new whisk....I just threw mine out :) Gina B.

  7. Thanks for the info in that... I'm def. looking into those things now.

  8. What a precious photo of Michael and Luke reading!


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