Seven Mediocre Quick Takes with Wine in Hand

One of those days.
So now I'm camped on the couch with my pretzels, wine, and spread cheese with Monk reruns on in the background ready to present to you some mediocre takes as a very lame attempt at feeling human again.
Breathe.  Sip.  Type.  Repeat.


One of our she-chicks turned out to be a he-chick.  This guy has been ruling the roost and belting out delightful crows early morning to afternoon for the past several months.  If I had gotten a better picture you could see that his feathers are gorgeous.  I actually do like the crowing but because we prefer not to be those neighbors who do things like get a rooster who will crow at all hours of the day AND because said rooster is also getting quite feisty, we decided to give him away.  He actually attacked John Paul one day when he was trying to get eggs which brought back horrid memories circa 1990 or so when our childhood rooster attacked me early one morning before the school bus came.  I have cloudy memories of whacking him with a shovel which happened to be lying nearby and running screaming to the mudroom.  John Paul was fine but it scared him.  So off our man chicken went to the first caller from Craigslist who promised not to eat him.

So I know I'm not the only one with an off the wall spam problem lately.  For now I've put up the dreaded word verification to weed 'em out until I can figure out something better.  (Anyone?)  Please still leave your comments because I love them!  Sorry about that.

Our date!  So I took the husband to go see Jim Gaffigan last weekend!!  I deserve wife of the year award for that one.  We even went to dinner beforehand next to the Niagara River with some friends and it was lovely.   I don't have any pics because that would've been awkward with the dark theatre and  all but it was a great time.  I haven't laughed that hard or breathed that much cigarette smoke in a while.  I forget that people still smoke.  When you live in a place where smoking is banned in public places and you spend most of your days child raising you totally forget what that is like.  The show was in a casino run by the Senecas so yep, there was smoke and the sore throats later to prove.  But worth it for the fun.

My favorite Gaffigan gig still has to be this one because, well, you'll see :)

My right foot and most of my lower leg has been numb since that whole back episode in January.  This is not meant as a complaint.  I'm actually grateful because numbness is way better than searing pain, methinks.  Apparently during the wrenching on the floor New Year's sneeze-induced incident I somehow really damaged the nerves and they may or may not heal.  It's weird.  I think it may slowly be getting better.  I just share this because along with the roles of scrapbook, journal, social network, recipe box, and school record keeper, this blog is also tasked with medical records.  Just be grateful I don't use it for NFP charting.


Someone turns 16 months tomorrow and is equal parts hair pulling out exasperating and heart meltingly endearing.  Love this Luke person.

On to Grace's in lieu of Jen's for more Quick Takes


  1. I had to put the word verification thing back up on my blog, too. I was just tired of all the spam.

    I bet Jim Gaffigan was fun! Have a good weekend.

  2. Mary, Great QTs. Thanks for sharing...I hope you do get better soon...I just began following your blog so I don;t know of your illness from a few mos ago....but you seem to be upbeat about it all:)
    Your little sweetie is adorable...good grief, how cute!

    As for commenting: I don't use word ver on my blog b.c honestly, I don;t get too many commenters...usually just a handful of friends and "regular" readers who also blog who'll stop in and lv a com....good luck with that. I guess I have been very lucky so far. Have not had to enable any system.

    we LOVE Monk around here...( and Doctor Who!) Those two shows are def my guilty pleasure as well! The wine/pretzels/ Monk set up is great:)

    Gotta run and get the day going...wanted to say hi.
    Have a great day and thx for sharing...

    1. Hi! Thanks for following! I'm so glad I'm not the only Monk nerd! I discovered him when pregnant with my youngest and watched the entire show during that time. Now every time I hear the theme music it takes me right back to laying in the tub hugely pregnant with my laptop on the counter. (TMI??) I was so sad when it ended! ANd I think I may need to check out Dr. many people love it!

  3. Jim Gaffigan is one of our favorites as well! If you like him, you will probably also get a big laugh out of Brian Regan. What a fun date night!

    Prayers for your back/leg/nerves. :)

    1. That name sounds super familiar! I wonder if I've seen some of him already? Will have to check it out now!

  4. I go back and forth between having word verification as well. Right now, I don't have word verification but do have it for registered users we'll see how that works. I'm not sure if it will affect the amount of comments I get or not. My blog is still new and I don't get a lot of comments anyway.

    I always forget that people smoke too. Among my circle of friends (mostly other homeschooling families) I don't know anyone who does, and I think smoking is illegal in public here too, because I never really see people smoking in public. Sounds like a fun night out!

    1. I'm curious how the registered user thing will work, too. Just hopped over to your blog and your kids are adorable!

  5. Spam. Grrrr. Had to enable word verification, too, and I've noticed I get less comments. I live for comments! (Ok fine, an exaggeration. Slightly).

    Love Jim Gaffigan! You are wife of the year for sure!

    1. Yeah, I subscribed to your RAR post and you got a CRAZY amount! It seems they find certain posts and keep commenting on those so maybe I can figure out a way around it somehow. A friend of mine also said she could set up some sort of filter somehow but not sure how that works.


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