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All y'all are not going to bum me out with your pictures of blooming daffodils and butterflies and whatnot.  Oh no you're not.  Never mind that the temps were in the 30's today and that it's rained for three straight days.  My sedum is growing!

For you, Cari.  (These are from last year.  There are no flowers anywhere here yet.)  I love me some bleeding hearts, too.  They are just so bizarrely beautiful and dare I say, sensual (in the literal meaning of the word way).  We have them right next to our Mary statue and I think that is just perfect.


The other day David insisted on giving Luke a ride.  Someone's growing up and perhaps (please, Lord??) entering into that ultra fun fourth year of life where they say hysterical things and always want to help.  Cuteness.


The boys have taken to making this random pile of debris and tetanus fodder next our house into their castle.  On the very few days where the thermometer has broken 40, they've been outside hauling rocks and digging and who knows what else to prepare their fortress.  John Paul is very serious in that he needs to make his army.  For almost a year now battle plans have been being discussed amongst most of the young home schooled boys in our area and flag designs have been determined.  They've even clearly designated their marching patterns and of course, who outranks who.  "The Enemy" is very often a topic of conversation, though it's never quite clear who it is that they will be fighting at some indeterminate time in the future.  There will be a battle, of that there is no doubt in their little boy brains.  

The other day I was called over to witness John Paul's latest line of defense.  
It's hard to see but there is a piece of wood holding up those logs.  When removed the logs are to come rolling down the hill "to stop the enemy."

And there they go.  They sort of comically rotated downward rather than plowing down the hill at forceful knock-the-enemy-over speed.  He wasn't phased.  "That will SURELY stop an enemy."  


We live in a flood zone which means we get forced to pay an exorbitant amount of money for flood insurance AND our yard gets to look like this several times a year.  For people who hate money and enjoy toddler drowning hazards in their yard, it's a stellar situation.

Our side yard looks like this

and our backyard looks like this.

I won't show you the flooding in the cellar because there's a whole lot of things growing down there that you do NOT want to see.  The mold spores and mustiness and other nastiness will come flooding through your screen and I can't be held liable for that.

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  1. Our yard looks like that all winter and spring! Except not this year because we haven't had as much rain. Still, when I walked through the backyard this morning, it went "squish, squish"

  2. My heart stopped when I saw your bleeding heart (heh), and my first thought was, "HEY! HOW DOES SHE HAVE HERS IN BLOOM ALREADY?" Then I read the caption.
    Growing up, my mom planted her bleeding heart by the dryer vent in the back yard. The heat from it meant that the plant was in full bloom by early April. The only thing green in sight. It was glorious.

  3. Before the driveway was paved, the area would look like a lake that we could fish in from the porch. Love the picture of David pulling Luke!
    Grandma & Grumpy

  4. I love your boys' fortress and plan to stop an enemy! They are so creative..and yes..that will surely phase any attacking enemy.


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