{pretty, happy, funny, real} with plenty of piles


Piles of far too many eggs:


Piles of preparations for an upcoming Lego birthday:


Piles of boys:


Piles of (clean!) diapers:

Piles of toys:

Piles of papalish possessions (untouched since my papal study post):

Linking up with the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter AND finally got my act together to link on up with the lovely Mrs. Donaldson's Theme Thursdays!  Woot woot!
Pulling off the double linkup.  Day complete.
Happy Thursday!


  1. 1. the pictures of the eggs are beautiful! New camera?
    2. the kithcen is done?? How did you get the marbling on the counters and wall? Are you planning a kitchen post that will take Pinterest by storm, perhaps?!
    3. I have always been so curious to see your playroom! Love it! Did Brian build your kitchen???
    4. sorry for the question overload. I would never remember it all for the next time I saw you :)

    1. 1. Yes! I'm slowly figuring it out but have a long way to go (see the boy picture...)
      2. I am SO excited to post the kitchen update!! I've been wanting to wait until it was all done and we pretty much have everything done that we were hoping to!
      3. It looks much better when cleaned but eh, you know... I bought the kitchen set off of CL back in IL and we repainted it. It's not as cute as yours at. all. :)
      4. We need to figure out some sort of time morph thing because it is really hard for my brain to function at that late hour of 8 p.m...

  2. Dying of egg envy. Ours stopped mid-winter, then started again, and have returned to their slothful eggless ways. How I would love to have a pile of eggs like that.

    Also, your house is immaculate. I want tutorials. Start with, "How to keep walls clean".
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Next chapter will be "Home Remedies for Psychoses resulting from Control Freaks being Open to Life"

      I think because our chickens just started laying they weren't ready to go dormant yet? I wish they'd slow down a little, though, and save them up for their later years. My husband doesn't even eat eggs!

  3. I will happily take some eggs off your hands! And I'm staring at my own pile of clean diapers with another load in the dryer... Potty training can not come soon enough!

  4. Our chickens are also being lazy freeloaders. How do you have so many eggs? And also the clean house? And...you know what? Jut paste Cari's comment riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight here.

  5. Those eggs are gorgeous, and ah!!--clean diapers are so pretty. Makes me want to make a late switch to cloth-diapering. Maybe for the next one?

  6. Those eggs! I die! Gorgeous gorgeous!

  7. I want some eggs too!

    I love that you killed two link-ups with one post - very creative.

  8. great piles. my fav, by far, is the pile of boys.

  9. I am so impressed that Luke is strong enough to hold up the hole piles of boys!!!! Hahahahaha That picute is adorable.
    Very cute decoration idea for the Lego Birthday.
    Looks like lemonade stand will be replaced with an egg stand.
    More kitchen pictures, please.

    Have funn at the party.
    Grandma & Grumpy

  10. Such an artistic picture of the eggs - so pretty! And your counter tops look amazing! I can't wait to see the whole effect in person tomorrow at the Lego party!!

  11. I love the lego birthday idea! I will have to store that one away for future children's birthdays... or maybe my husband's, he is still quite fond of legos too. :)

  12. eggs are great! and I just simply love your whole house! Looks just so "homey" and inviting.

    Glad I could "visit"

  13. Excellent piles!! Love it all!

  14. Love the eggs and the boys best. I'll have to remember the Lego idea!


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