{pretty, happy, funny, real} with Mud


I've had a hard time finding pretty these days what with all the mud and cold and never-ending winter and feeling boxed up inside the house for months on end.  So I wandered around the house and found my little shelf I put together last year after our big trip.  I don't think I ever posted pictures of it but it makes me smile when I look at it.

I saved something (rocks, sand, pinecones, shells...) from each place we visited and put them in various bottles and jars labeled with the place and date.  Cheapest (and prettiest) souvenirs ever.  I'm hoping to build onto it somehow if and when we are able able to add to the collection.


Our seeds arrived!  Which means we can at least dream about spring, even though it feels like it's never ever ever ever going to come.
So not only does St. Clare Seeds offer organic, non-GMO, inexpensive seeds from a small Catholic company, they ship super fast!  If you go there, tell them I sent you!


I know the picture itself is not that funny.  But when I talked to my sister on the phone after posting pictures of our kitchen makeover, she asked when I had the new counters installed!  She and my brother in law thought we had gotten new marble counters!!  And while I love marble countertops, I don't think I would ever in good conscience be able to spend the thousands of dollars they cost on them!  I just thought it was funny that she thought I, cheapskate that I am, had had a complete personality transplant and splurged on marble.
You guys.  It's PAINT!
I'm glad it's fooling people, though, because I'm happy with how they turned out.  I'll post more detailed pictures in the next few days.  And then you'll definitely be able to see that real marble it is not :)


Our muddy cold drab spring-less yard from the window (because I'm too much of a wimp to actually go outside):

And some mud for Cari.  Complete with newspaper flyer that blew into the yard.


  1. I love your white kitchen but all I keep thinking is that white is sooooo hard to keep clean. How do you keep paw I mean sticky handprints off it? Very lovely. =)

    1. Honestly, MY hands are usually the ones that are leaving marks from going in them while I'm cooking! The boys still can't reach the upper cabinets and I'm usually pretty good about wiping the messier ones off after we eat. And it's probably good for me since I was lazy about wiping the other cabinets since you couldn't see it as well! As they get older it may be more of an issue...but in my fantasy world, they'll also be super well trained and diligent about cleaning up their own mess... Ha!

  2. I thought you had gotten marble countertops as well...but then I wondered why you would want to change your sink AFTER countertops as that's usually part of the process of new countertops. You did a good job deceiving us : )

  3. Oooh! I want the counter secret!

  4. I love, love, love your tag-a-jar-of-memories idea!
    And I see flowers poking up through your mud! I swoon! Spring!
    (someday, someone is going to take away my exclamation mark key, and I will no longer be able to communicate in written form)

  5. I totally thought those were marble counters. :)

  6. Lovely shots...thank you for sharing....And I thought they were marble too! Oh how I'd LOVE granite counter tops.....your kitchen is beautiful, I can tell.
    Have a wonderful day:)

  7. That shelf is so pretty! I just love it. And the mud photo with the newspaper is great.


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