Habemus Papam!

I don't know about you but I was not expecting that white smoke yesterday afternoon!  We were on watch but I was just assuming it would be black.  And then...what, wait, is that white???  White smoke?!?  John Paul, it's WHITE!!  Turn on the t.v.!  Wake up the middles from the nap that I finally got them to take to somewhat remedy this daylight savings crankiness!  (I know.)  But dear heavens, don't wake the baby!  White smoke, boys!  WHITE SMOKE!!!


We weren't yet prepared with our Vatican flags so we used the waiting time to get those colored!  (The boys now want to save them for the next conclave...)

What an amazing moment in history.  I called Brian at work crying and yelling and begging him to come home and share this moment with us.  He wasn't able to leave right away but when his coworker got back from lunch he raced away and surprised us by pulling in the driveway as the balcony curtains were opening!  You could feel the anticipation from all over the world, couldn't you?  It was so crazy!

Who was it going to be??  Would we recognize him?  What name would he take?  And then the Proto Deacon finally came out and his voice was hard to hear and he said the name and the whole world was silent trying to decipher what he even said and then translate the Latin.  I could understand Francisco and heard the word Georgium and for a split second wondered if it was Cardinal George!  (His first name is Francis!)  The reporters soon put up a (very old) picture of this cardinal I had never even heard of and for another split second I was like "who??" and maybe just a little bit disappointed, mostly that we didn't KNOW know him, you know?  But he took the name Francis?!?  Wow!!  That all literally lasted a few moments and then I was washed over with awe as this new pontiff, our new Holy Father, walked humbly out onto the balcony in his simple white vestments.  Not gonna lie, for a second I also wondered whether Rudy Giuliani had somehow gotten elected.  (Is that just me?) 

He looked humble and maybe even a bit awkward as he raised his arm in greeting.  And we watched in wonder and with tears as we met our new Papa.  And then the first thing he did was lead the whole world in prayer for our Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.  What a testament to humility!  Then then our new Holy Father asked for a blessing from us!  What an amazing moment.  

The more I learn about him the more I already love him and the more  I love the Holy Spirit.  The more we've learned about the conclave process and the history of the popes, the more I am in awe of the Church that has withstood the gates of hell and every other attack thrown her way.  We now have a new shepherd, the descendent of Peter, to lead the body of Christ and protect the deposit of faith entrusted to the Apostles.  To guard the Truth which Scripture says will be passed down in word and deed that is not subject to the age or our proclivities or our own personal interpretations.  To lead the family of God on earth.  Deo gratias!

I'm looking forward to getting to know this new father.

I'm supposed to wave, I think?  

I sort of want to hug him and tell him he'll be great ;)
Welcome, Papa!


  1. Isn't it so exciting? (And Giuliani is spot on, though I thought Jeffrey Tambor: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001787/ : ))

  2. So so SO much love, joy, and excitement! What fun to share with little ones! My daughter is only one month old, so she wasn't quite as exuberant as I was :) Viva Francis!

  3. He totally does resemble Giuliani - good call! What a wonderful day it was yesterday- we were right with you- jumping around cheering, crying it was so special and something we will never forget!

  4. I kept asking Jim, who does he remind me of... I just couldn't think of it. And you seriously just hit it! Thank you! Finally, I think our name Francisco will be more accepted thanks to our new pope! Amazing :)


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