Daybook in the Midst of a Conclave

Outside my window...
Cold and snowy again (boo!) but the other day it was nice enough to spend a couple of much needed hours outside!  There is hope...

Thankful for...
Modern media.  That we can see in real time what is going on at the Vatican is pretty awesome.  I love that we can share the joy with other Catholics through social media.
And sites like this here where they've put together this incredible collection of the announcement of the most recent papal elections.  Stunning.  
How excited the boys are to see the smoke and have a new pope.  They're almost as giddy as I am.

Thinking about...
The times when I can safely leave the house and not miss the smoke!  I'm grateful to live in a part of the world where the announcement will be in the early morning or afternoon.

How to meet the needs of my children.  They are so different and there is only so much of me to go around.

From the kitchen...
Nothing exciting food-wise but I can not wait to share my winter project with you all when I get my act together!  We're on the gluten-free wagon right now so meals have been pretty simple.  Is it bad that I'm very very grateful that we haven't noticed any significant health changes?  This gluten-free things is very doable but not very fun.  But I'm still glad we've done it because it's making a good Lent for all of us.

A few little updates to the blog.  At some point I need to update my header, I think, but I lack the creativity to figure out something that I feel represents this space well.  On the sidebar there are now fancy buttons where you can follow me on Pinterest and Twitter (don't hold your breath, I'm not there very often), friend me on Facebook, or get my feed.  
If you like hanging out here, I would be thrilled  if you would click the "Join This Site" button and follow this blog publicly.  That also automatically puts any blog updates in your Google Reader.  If anything, this blog thing has helped me learn way more about computery stuff than I ever thought I wanted to know :)

Luke is a climber.  On the tables, on the piano, on the shelves, up the stairs.  And he does not stop.  Each of the boys went through a small climbing stages but this takes the cake.  Luke doesn't seem to learn.  We bring him down and he immediately goes right back up.  It is almost impossible to sit with the other boys to do anything and it's making me sad that all he hears lately is no.   And the older boys are picking up on my frustration with him which is even worse.  It's been slightly chaotic at all times.  Short of emptying my house of any and all furniture, any words of advice or shared experience?

That the conclave doesn't go too long.

Need I even write who our next Papa will be?  
And in less globally important news, what the heck we're going to be eating for dinner tonight.

I picked up a book from our little parish library, The King, Crucified and Risen by Father Benedict Groeschel and it is perfect for what I need right now.  Short but challenging meditations for each day based on the daily readings for Lent and Easter.
Reading aloud Little House on the Prarie to all the boys and Urchin and the Rage Tide to John Paul. 
And sort of reading David of Jerusalem on my own.

For the cardinals.
That this be a time of abundant grace and blessing for the Church and the world and that hearts are brought to Christ and His Church through this conclave.  How amazing to have all eyes on the Church right now.
For the soul of my grandpa.  Somehow I'm supposed to believe that it's been a full year since he died.  I don't know how that happened but I pray that he is enjoying the fullness of existence in the divine Presence and that he's pleading for us here below.
For all the unborn babies and their mamas.  And all the babies and children who need a family.

David talking and distracting Michael who is supposed to be working on writing.  

Around the house...
My winter kitchen project is basically done which means I can now try to recuperate.
We'll start planning the outside things soon and we really need to get our seeds ordered but for now we need a little bit of a break.

A few of my favorite things... 
My new kitchen!
That Amazon link on the sidebar.  Thank you so much to those who have done their shopping through that link!
Mornings when I get to fully wake before the rest of the house.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
Staying in for most of the week but the end of the week holds a piano recital, a doula meeting, a Pampered Chef party (if I can swing it), and a St. Patrick's Day party.  All within 24 hours.

A picture thought to share...



  1. HABEMUS PAPAM!!! Exciting, yes? God bless Pope Francis!

    Also, my Snap was like your Luke. We even bungee-corded the chairs around the table so he couldn't climb them and swing from the chandelier. Literally. My advice? Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

    1. I KNOW!!!!!! SO exciting! Totally didn't think it would be today!

      Bungee cords...never would have thought of that and THAT may actually help a little bit! I'll see if I can get Brian to dig them out from wherever they are. Thank you!

  2. I'm new to your blog and just wanted you to know I really enjoy reading! I absolutely love your home, it's so pretty. Would you mind sharing your paint colors? I am desperately trying to find a good white that's not stark white but warm, like yours.


    1. Thank you so much! It's funny because I actually want to repaint some of the rooms! Not sure if it will happen any time soon, though! In the living room I had Lowe's match to Behr's Irish Mist. Once it was all up and dry it was a little bit creamier than I was hoping. The original shade has a touch more gray. But I'm glad you like it! All our trim paint is Decorator's White (sort of boring but we needed to start so I picked something basic).

  3. Ideas to stop climbing
    1. Attach a metal flange around the object being climbed - Oh no, that was to stop squirrels from climbing.
    2. Use petroleum jelly on all vertical surfaces to make them too slippery to climb. - Oh no, that was to stop racoons from climbing to the roof where they were making holes to get into the attic.

    Stopping little boys from climbing? Hmmmm no ideas but wait til Luke sees the tree houses. OH NO!!!

    Grandma & Grumpy

  4. Luke!! You are too cute, but you must stay off the piano.


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