Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs!

Preparing to celebrate the holiest of days.
The gift of life redeemed, life worth living.

Starting with the red egg and going clockwise:
Brown egg in beet juice
White egg in beet juice
Brown egg in boiled yellow onion skins
White egg in onion skins then boiled turmeric
White egg in boiled turmeric
Araucana egg in boiled turmeric
Natural araucana egg undyed
White egg in grape juice 
Araucana egg in grape juice
Brown egg in grape juice
White egg in blueberries

Several tablespoons of vinegar was added to each dye to help it penetrate the shell.  Natural dyes don't penetrate as completely as synthetic so you have to handle them carefully or the dye can scratch off.  But in my opinion, they are so much more beautiful than the fluorescent looking eggs!  

There's a few other combinations and variations in here as well as several that marbled naturally.

John Paul's cracked while cooking and did this when we dyed it!

The masters at work.


  1. Wow! Those are beautiful. Such natural looking hues. Do the different fruits and vegetables change the flavor of the eggs?

    1. Nope, not that we've noticed. Although the house took turns smelling like boiled seaweed, spinach, cumin, and turmeric :)


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