What I Wore Sunday - Hipster with a Headache

First time linking up with the Fine Linen and Purple ladies for What I Wore Sunday!  Forewarning:  I have the fashion sense of a slug.  Mostly I just wanted to show you my ultra cool(?) hipster glasses that finally arrived in the mail! 

Colleen let me in on the fact that Firmoo.com gives a FREE pair of glasses to new customers!  And seeing that my current pair of glasses is over fourteen years old and the wrong prescription, well, I'm a smart cookie, that I am.  I was able to get a brand spankin' new pair of glasses for just the $6.95 to cover shipping.  Free market/internet/social networking FTW.

This is actually from Saturday so I'm already breaking all the rules.

Mary, do you always dress like you're going to a funeral when you go to Mass?  
Answer:  Only when I actually am going to a funeral service before heading straight to Mass.  The "Celebration of Life" for my former choral director was yesterday and a group of alumni paid him tribute in song.  It was really really good to be there and to pay our respects that way.  He was an excellent amazing man, the likes of which you don't meet very often in this life.  Our group decided to wear all black.  

Top:  Merona - Hand me down from a friend years ago
Skirt:  Express - Um, hand me down from a friend years ago
Cardigan:  Merona - Wow, this is getting embarrassing...hand me down from a friend years ago.  Quite possibly all from the same friend but possibly not.
Tights:  Old Navy and about a decade old with ultra chic toe holes to prove but not a hand me down!
Necklace:  The miraculous medal I wear every day (I can hear that yawn.)
Earrings of which I did not get a picture:  The same ones I wear every day (I'm going to get fired from this linkup, I swear.)  Gift from the adult team from my brief stint as a youth minister before the babies were born...nine years ago...

Brian had his overnight at the homeless shelter last night so I had to skedaddle from the service right to the vigil Mass.  But back to those glasses.  What do you think?  I'm not convinced.  They're actually a tad stronger than I need so I'm not sure I'll be able to wear them very much without getting a headache anyway.    

Not pictured are the bloodshot eyes, the cotton and hammers filling my head, and alternating sweat drippage-freezing goosebumps that have accompanied the last few days.  But from the amount of vomit I've read about in my Google Reader and on Facebook in the last few days, I'll count my blessings.  Also, I am not five months pregnant, despite what the photo is insinuating.

Today it's jeans and a sweatshirt and since it is 65 flippin' degrees in January I'm off to get some fresh air.  Happy Sunday!


  1. I LOVE those glasses, Mary! And the flowy pants. And the library. Yeah, I think I just want it all =) SO glad I found your blog through this linkup!

  2. Love those glasses! I've seen several other WIWS ladies post about them so I guess I should get my free pair too!

  3. You look lovely and classy and those glasses are fabulous!

  4. I need a library to pose in front of in the future. This will be the millionth time I make the mental note to get some bookshelves for all the books in storage...

  5. You look maaaarvelous!! Seriously, the glasses are adorable, but you'd look cute in anything. Oh, do I sound like a prejudiced mother??

  6. The glasses look great. I mean, I don't want you getting a headache and all but....CUTE.

    Also- we have the same decade old tights. I wore them today, in brown. This is a true story. Old Navy from 10+ years ago. Das crazy!

  7. I think you are totally pulling off those glasses, for realsies. And how so you manage to be so thin after birthing all those babies? Tell me your secrets oh wise one!

  8. I think I see a hole in your sock :-)

  9. 5 months pregnant? i was just thinking she is thin as a rail! I love ll black funeral or no, sorry about your director but glad you got to celebrate him.


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