This Month in Boys - January 2012

John Paul

-spent several days trying to design scuba gear out of two 2 liter bottles and a plastic tube.
-has been figuring out the melody to various hymns on the piano by ear.  My favorite is Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.
-is getting quite skilled in the art of the bedtime stall somehow always knowing the right question to ask to eke out those last few extra minutes.
-has never (and I mean that) done anything intentionally mean to anyone.  While he sometimes disobeys, it is always because he is engrossed in some task that he doesn't want to be taken from or just a bit flighty rather than intentionally misbehaving.  His heart is so pure.
-took Luke downstairs one of the mornings I was sick, changed his diaper, and got breakfast ready for his brothers.  (The diaper change was well intended but not the, um, tightest, bless his heart...I was woken  a few minutes later to "Mama, Luke went to the bathroom and there is a mess everywhere.")
-has named their boys' group "The B.O.G." (The Boys of God).
-chooses Gideon and the fall of Jericho as his favorite Bible story.


-thinks it is hysterical when he teases his mother with how old everyone will be turning this year.
-has the sweetest voice when talking to his baby Luke.  Not so much when talking to David.
-now loves to color pictures and is very very good at it.
-will forfeit dinner rather than eat something he's decided he doesn't like.
-is quite excited to be playing baseball this year.
-has learned Joy to the World on the piano.
-is quickly picking up his older brother's dramatic Irish dancing flair.
-chooses Joseph and the colored coat and the defeat of the Devil by the archangel Michael as his favorite Bible stories.


Poor sick pretzel boy

-has been giving us many a deep Theological insight such as "Heaven is very very very very very very very big."  
-still thrives on Papa time.
-is doing wonderfully on a half dose of his medicine every night with dinner.
-pronounces "piano" as "panio."  Love it.
-pretends when wearing their shirts and ties for Mass each week that they are men "and we are going to men's group" just like Papa.
-chooses "Samson" as his favorite Bible story, followed closely by David and Goliath.


-is desperately trying to expand his solid eating repertoire to include not only cat food but the pile of debris from sweeping the kitchen floor.
-is working on one heck of a molar.
-loves being carried, until he is in your arms where he proceeds to try and jump out.  The Ergo has been very helpful on clingy days.
-is our first babe to be highly entertained by throwing various objects into the toilet.  The victims have included a roll of toilet paper and a bath toy.  So far.  We've also found his socks in the garbage.
-has no problem getting right in when the big boys are rough housing with Papa.
-still has no consistent nighttime sleep pattern.  But like the others, skipping a nap or getting a poor one guarantees a bad sleep at night.
-makes the best "ooo" noise and lip face when he sees something interesting.  Then he points, wanting to show you, too.
-chooses to rip the stories out of the Bible.


  1. foze-
    This is such a good idea. To create a memory for your boys. I love them all so much :) You've got some fantastically cute kids, and you didn't even need a black husband :)!

  2. I've always loved this idea, Mary! Such a sweet list. (I'll never forget when Aaron learned how to stay up later by asking for "one more Bible story" or saying "can we talk about Jesus?" Sneaky. Very sneaky.)

    1. and I wanted to add how beautiful I think it is about John Paul's kindness toward others. It's really a witness to what wonderful parents you and B. are. Children learn what they live and you have clearly provided a marvelous example in this regard. (if you have any spare prayers, I could use some heavenly help in this area!)

    2. Eek. I don't know. A few years ago I may have proudly taken that and run with it but my other ones have made sure to keep me humble ;) But thank you anyway! Holy Spirit and lots of prayers. I hope to God he stays like this, though. He really is so good.

  3. Beautiful children. Luke's list was too cute! And such a great idea, I may have to borrow it for my kids.


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