Seven Quick Takes - They're Coming to Take Me Away

Bah.  I keep blogging in my head and then forgetting that I didn't really post anything in the real world.  What with the flu from Hell and homeschooling and exhaustion, and general January Blah, I haven't had the oomph to actually get anything onto the screen.  Is this year jinxed or is it me?  Mea culpa.  

Big prayer requests for you, readers.  A lovely lady called and talked with me about her son who is being tested for Hirschsprung's next week.  Hirschsprung's is what our David has and (in my opinion) has overcome, thanks be to God.  (You can read his story by clicking over on the sidebar on the Hirschsprung's subject.)  Would you please pray for them?  That they get answers and ultimately that this little baby is healed?  Thank you.

More prayers...for a dear friend and a mother to littles who is going through some big medical issues.  Another thank you.  

Wanna talk about gun control???  Please?  No?  Fine.  I've never been a big gun person and have never before owned a gun.  Last week that changed.  Partly due to this crazy legislation that will do NOTHING except make us normal people less safe.  Partly because the farmer behind us let us know that a COUGAR has been spotted in the land behind our house.  A cougar.  Yes.  And cougars aren't deterred by good intentions and shallow thinking.  But I bet if we made a law against them...

Did that make sense?  Do my takes ever?  How about a question for you?  Do the blogs you are following or subscribed to sometimes disappear and reappear in your Reader?  This happens to me and I know there's a reason behind it but I can't seem to figure out what it is or how the Blogger reader is connected to the Google Reader.  I also still don't really know the difference between subscribing and following.  Related, I've been having a hard time keeping up with blog reading lately.  So many awesome people to cyber stalk, so little time.

So...remember that word of the year thing everyone was doing?  And how God often likes to give you something that hurts, er, I mean that will challenge you and help you become more the person He wants you to be?
(I get itchy just writing that.  Seriously, I may delete it and pretend it didn't happen.)  
This should be good.  You can order my straightjacket in an XS. 

Dwija said I need a picture:

What to do when you're recovering from a vicious herniated disc, still feverish, nursing four children through the flu, and feeling generally overwhelmed?  Begin your cabinet painting.

There is no doubt I could be diagnosed with something and I ain't talkin' flu.

Quick, Take yourself (see what I did there?) over onto Jen's to see more:



  1. Sorry to hear the flu has hit your house...we got hit with the stomach flu this week. : ( First Kay, then Syd, then me, then Grandpa, then Kay again...

    We were supposed to go on vacation today, but...

  2. OK what?! about?? a mountain lion???? Is that for real? Please tell us more!

    1. No joke. Farmer S. called it a cougar and he saw it. I totally thought he was joking but nope. He said it could be long gone by now since they have a 40 mile (or something like that) radius in which they travel but he advised getting a gun. But really? Do I really need the added stress of a flippin' cougar in my back yard at this point in my life? To add to the coyotes? And the raccoons?

  3. Oh and YAY!!!! You're painting the cabinets! I knew you'd go with the pure white:)

  4. A cougar?? Really?? Tell John Paul to get that Amory made pronto!!
    Can't wait to see the white cabinets painted thru your feverish haze -bet they're beautiful, just like everything you attempt. So was it theraputic? Poor honey

  5. First, thank you. Second, my word of the year was Fortitude. So please, be careful what you pray for ;).


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