Celebrating Epiphany

Happy Epiphany!  
We've been busy recovering from crazy back issues (just me) and visiting with Brian's mom who came in for a visit (all of us).  Last night we had our Epiphany party and pageant with some of our fellow homeschoolers.

Proud little shepherd

There were other children there but I try not to post pictures of others without permission and I'm too lazy to get permission.  So there's my two singers.  David and Luke stayed home because David wasn't feeling well.  Do you know how EASY it is to take two older children somewhere when you're used to four??  Oh my goodness.  I actually...wait for it...had a CONVERSATION.  I know.

After Mass this morning these gifts showed up under the tree!

Books...to help us grow in wisdom!  Get it?  Wisdom?  Wise men?  To search for Jesus?  Yes?

David is convinced that these and the pajamas from Christmas Eve were left by "Father Christmas."  Apparently we are British now.

Love this face.

Perfect books for John Paul on Leonardo's inventions.

These Golden Books are super sweet.  I love that they look beautiful and are board books! 

After dropping my mother in law off at the airport we had an Epiphany treat at a real life restaurant!

Who knows how to get a meal for a family of six at a fancy restaurant for $9 plus tip?  This girl.

Home again home again to do our traditional Epiphany house blessing...



  1. praise God for your lovely Epiphany celebration and adorable boys.

  2. It was great visit this weekend and celebrate with you. Already miss you all.

  3. And can you share that tip with the rest of us???

    A coworker of mine said they had Shepherd's Pie for dinner on the Epiphany, and I was like, duh! Why didn't I think of that?? I am really going to start some meal planning around the church holy days.

    1. Great idea with the shepherd's pie! So many of the things I do are so so simple they're almost laughable. But the kids get it and love it and I (usually) don't stress too much trying for perfect.
      So, to get dinner for 6 you have to first have an aunt who gives you a restaurants.com gift card (I don't know if you're familiar with that place but the cards are super cheap but then you buy a much bigger amount worth of gift certificate to a local restaurant...it's weird.). I got a $25 certificate with the rules being you had to spend $35 in order to use it. I was totally that person who was nickel and dimeing it to make it JUST equal $35. Three kid meals, an appetizer for me, a sandwich for the husband and everyone else's scraps for the baby :) (And they had free rolls!) I'm so freakin' cheap. So with the certificate we only paid $9...not sure why it wasn't the full $10 but no complaining here!


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