An Epiphanytide Daybook's a real thing, promise.

Outside my window...
Snow!  God was so good this year.  We got a tiny bit of snow a few days before Christmas then it snowed on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  It was wonderful!  Right now there is only a few inches left on the ground.  The two middles are outside playing.

Thankful for...
Everyone's prayers for my silly back.  And my chiropractor.  And Brian and my mom who helped out so much while I was lying like an invalid on my floor and hobbling around the house.  

That as hard as things sometimes are with four, those older moms really weren't lying when they said it would get easier.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is glorious.

For strong menfolk who generously give of their time and muscles to help us bring big heavy things into our home.

Oh. Aaaaaand...wait for it...TRADER JOE'S IS COMING TO OUR TOWN!!!  Not just the area or anything but the same town in which my very family very much lives and five minutes from where my very much husband very really works.  I'm not even making it up or delusional.  I think they finally took my gazillion "requests for a location" seriously.  You local people all owe me a big thank you which can be given in the form of a Trader Joe's gift card.

Thinking about...
Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Did you hear Sarah's big news???  Holy moly.  God is incredible, isn't He?  Always outdoing Himself when we ask for His blessings!  I am just so thrilled and shocked and overwhelmed and ecstatic for them.  Brian may have to hold me back from buying a ticket out west just so I can give her a real life hug and bring her like three dozen freezer meals.

We started lessons back up yesterday without a word of complaint from the oldest and only a small whine from the next.  

From the kitchen...
I only cooked a handful of meals over Christmas which was blissful.  Now we're back to regular life and I best be getting a meal plan for January together before it's over.  

Been doing more knitting.  And making plans for more kitchen projects.  Dare I?  
Yes, yes I dare.

To be singing for real for the first time since college.  My chorale teacher from high school passed away last week.  He was one of those legendary teachers and had a deep and profound impact on my life.  He's one of the people that pushed me to always strive for excellence, however humble the task.  He taught us to sight read music and I think I learned more under his instruction than any other of my classes.  One of my silliest high school memories involves being the lucky one chosen to climb up on a table and STAND on his stomach while he sang My Country 'Tis of Thee.  I only wish I had gotten to see him and thank him one last time before he died.  This weekend a group of us will be singing at his memorial and I, a very out of practice soprano, will be joining in.  

To get my back working again.  As if I didn't feel enough like an 80 year old woman, Brian and I are now sleeping in separate beds.  Our mattress literally has sunken body shapes in it and a hill in the middle.  It's one of the culprits behind this back thing.  I tried sleeping on a wood board underneath the pad but that just made things way worse.  (Imagine that!)  So Brian pulled David's bed into our room and I'm sleeping on that and John Paul, the sweet boy, is sleeping on a pad on the floor.  It would be nice to sleep in the same bed with the husband again.  Currently researching mattresses to be able to make that happen...

Also, there is a very real chance we may be able to pay OFF our student loans this year.  How fantastically incredible is that?  Here's hoping nothing gets in the way...

Almost finished with The Dirty Life.  Not sure what's on the docket next.  Suggestions?

For Sarah, of course.
And joining with the throngs to pray for Jen and her little one.
For a doula client and friend who will be welcoming her little one sometime in the next few weeks!
For several other friends getting ready to meet their new blessings.
For Mr. Vehar's soul.

John Paul is reading, the middles are outside, Luke is napping.  Do you know that I can actually hear the furnace going??  These moments are getting rarer and rarer in this home, I tell you what.

Around the house...
Ugh.  Christmas decorations are still up but yesterday I boxed up the Advent things.  I'm getting to the point of being ready to take the rest down.  And I finally vacuumed this morning and yesterday after not being able to for over a week.  I feel like my house could use a vacuum at least every other day.  Is yours like that?  Or maybe I'm just that much of a neat freak.  I see everything.  I used to look down on people who paid someone to clean for them but now I would totally think about having someone come if only a few times a year to give each room a deep clean.  That is, if I had money I didn't know what to do with.  

A few of my favorite things... 
 Downton Abbey
Hearing John Paul pick out songs on our new-to-us piano (finally!)
David being an absolute doll lately.  God is so good.
Luke's signing and babbling and dancing and how he holds up his arms during the Responsorial Psalm at Mass
Intellectual conversations and respectful internet discussions

A few plans for the rest of the week...
The boys' classes begin again tomorrow.  Not looking forward to that and not sure we'll enroll for the next semester.  It is a great program but it makes for a really long day for me with the little ones whom I have to entertain and keep out of trouble for the five or so hours we are there.  Luke misses his nap and it just throws everything off.  Perhaps next year we'll be able to pull it off better.
Chorale practice!
Mattress shopping and maybe a trip to a special store downtown for some special supplies for my special kitchen project...

A picture thought to share...


  1. Girrrlll...Aaron and I just had the debt conversation and FUS will be officially paid off Easter Weekend?!?! How cool is that. On the table currently is a road trip to FUS for EASTER to celebrate (you know how I must get treats for hard work!).
    Been praying for you back, hang in there friend.
    Also, just yesterday I said to myself, 'self, isn't it RIDICULOUS that you now have to vacuum every other day because of your children?!?' then I giggled and felt grateful for children.

  2. Glad your back is getting better - keep stretching.
    You don't need to hire someone to deep clean your house, they wouldn't be able to come up with a half a cup of dirt in the entire place.
    So glad I was there for the arrival of the piano. I miss the boys music.
    Great news about Trader Joe's.
    You got me hooked on Downton Abbey.
    Grandma with Grumpy

  3. No!!! Don't let Brian stop you!!! Get on a plane before he knows you're gone! I NEED YOU!!! :)

    And girl, go get yourself a mattress! Will keep praying for a full recovery.

  4. Thank you for bringing Trader Joe's to our area!!! It is right down the street from us also. We have been meaning to take the drive to Rochester but haven't gotten around to it...Hopefully this will open soon.

    I vacuum girls love to do crafts and there is always tiny pieces of paper I feel like a cleaning nut :)

    Glad you are feeling better!

  5. Trader Joe's in your town in AWESOME!!! All the ones around here are about an hour drive...but still worth it. My FUS loans should be paid off by September 2013, we have been pouring all our money into extra payments and can't wait until it is gone. Then we will start saving for a trip to Disney with that money. Yay!!!


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