2012 in 12 Photos

I know.  2012??  That was SO last year, Mar.
I wasn't sure I had it in me to do the 2012 in 12 linkup over at the Dweej's place but then I said to myself, "Lo!  Self!  Did you not just spend hours a few weeks ago putting together a most beautiful and glorious calendar of your family's best moments from each month to give to your husband and in-laws? Is that not almost the very same thing, in fact, it sort of IS the same thing and the work is already done?  And would it not be unjust to deprive the rest of the internet world of said wonderful calendar?"  And I answered back, "Lo, self!  'Tis true!  I DID make said calendar and it would be perfect for the linkup over yonder at Dwija's!  Yes, it would be a travesty to let said work go unnoticed and unpublished to strangers and friends alike!  Let us link up!"*  And then self even decided that taking pictures of pictures was acceptable for the project since mean old photo ordering sites don't let you copy the pictures you create there.  

And so I present to you pictures of pictures of 2012:

We went sledding with three cute boys and a newborn.  

The boys get some professional shots taken (at our homeschool group!  For free!  Because taking children to get photos done at a place is tantamount to torture and not something I would ever pay for!)

At some random point in March all my children were looking at the camera.  But look!  Shamrocks!  It fits!


We showed how nerdy super unafraid of gender stereotypes and modern political branding of beautiful natural phenomenon we are by hosting a rainbow party for our three year old.  Accompanied by random cute moments from each child.


We did fun things...blueberry picking, the carousel park, baseball, Fourth of July party, and picnics.

Grandma got a pool!

We were super fun people and took the epic trip of a lifetime.  (Start here and keep on going if you want to know all the places in these photos...)



We had a baby!  Wait, no, that was so 2011.  But that's the picture on the calendar (cute, right?)...  Sooo how bout this one:


Thanks, 2012.  You were a good year.

*That could also be the drugs talking.

Speaking of which, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the prayers.  I feel a gajillion times better today.  Still hobbling but mobile!  You guys rock.


  1. Um. Could Luke's face BE any funnier in that last December photo?!?!?! Love it!

  2. spectacular pictures!
    thank you so much for sharing


  3. Babies change so much in a year, don't they? What a nice calendar you made, I can see why your hubby loves it!

  4. Gorgeous! But then again, you have the most beautiful subjects!!

  5. What beautiful boys! Great collection of photos - thanks for linking up!


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