Want to Support Better Than Eden?

Just wanted to let you in on a fun and exciting little bit of news for this blog!

I'm now an Amazon affiliate!  

Would you consider using my little link to the right if you have any shopping through Amazon that you need to do?  I really surely would appreciate it!  There is no difference to the buyer and you shop just as you normally would...just get there through that link to the right.

 Thank you kindly for considering, friends!  And my children thank you for helping fund their education :)


  1. I knew there was a reason I had put off my online Christmas shopping. I will definitely go through your link.

  2. Darn! i just ordered some things a few days ago, but I'll be sure to go thru you in the future!

    1. No worries...I should've posted sooner but I didn't want to seem pushy :) Thank you!


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