Intentional Advent - Visiting the Sick, Burying the Dead

We did it!  In some fashion or other our family was able to complete each of the corporal works of mercy this Advent.  It has been so amazing to see the boys (and myself!) get into it, setting a goal and achieving it.  And isn't it funny when we open ourselves up to something like this that God suddenly gives us AMPLE opportunity to do it?  It was tempting to feel overwhelmed by all the acts of charity that were literally placed right in our paths (or email inboxes) but God gave this type A busy mother a huge grace in choosing and completing one at a time and relying on Him to give us the time and energy to do them.  And He very much did.  

Today we visited the sick.  We went to the nursing home where my grandmother resides and spent some good time visiting with her.  Then we did our best to visit with the other residents who were open to a little chat and a candy cane.  I don't get to visit my grandma nearly as often as I should or would like.  The home is not particularly suited to four curious and active little boys and the schedule they keep there usually leaves out the opportunity to go myself when the kids can stay home.  But every time I am able to go I'm so glad that I did make that extra effort.

Dear Luke, you were in the picture.  I promise.  In fact, the whole reason I took this picture was because I wanted to make sure to get a picture with you and Grandma both in since we don't have one yet.  Yep.  Your mother's photography skills are enviable, are they not?  

After the nursing home we headed over to the cemetery where my other grandparents were buried.  There, we did our best to clean up the grave and were hoping to clean a bit around the cemetery itself.  It ended up being the fastest work of mercy ever as it was cold and wet but we did our best.  We prayed for the souls of the people there, especially those who have no one to pray for them.  Every time I visit a cemetery I find it so very humbling, don't you?  So many people.  So many lives that were and are just as important as mine.  Certainly puts a little focus into your day, right?

Tomorrow will be a busy day of cleaning and cooking as we finally welcome Christmas into our home.  While I do feel like this has been the busiest Advent ever it has also definitely been the most intentional.  I am thrilled with the way our children have grown and responded to our Advent plans and even with the craziness I feel like it has been one of my best Advents as well.    I'm hoping and praying that the effort and focus we put into this Advent will bear much fruit for our family.  And I pray that our King will find our little sacrifices and plans a worthy gift.

And now?  Now I am very very much looking forward to some relaxing and celebrating and a whole lot of eating of very delicious food.   I hope you had a super blessed Advent and that your Christmas celebrations are everything you want them to be!

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  1. You did a great job showing how the acts can be done in a simple and meaningful way. Quite impressive. Have a wonderful and joyous Christmas.


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