Christmas Eve at Our House

C'mon in!  We've done our best to prepare for you...and for Him.

Tonight we'll be heading out to the vigil Mass...the first Mass of Christmas!  Our Christmas Eve traditions include me bawling like a baby at Mass when the first strains of Joy to the World are heard and blasting our first and favorite Christmas music of the season on the way home.  Upon arriving home, we will be greeted by the smell of a perfectly roasted (home-raised!!!!) turkey and I'll finish all the fixins' while the littles bop around to the afore forbidden Christmas music.  Feasting with the family.  The Christmas cookies will (finally!) be brought out and new pajamas for the boys.  The boys will bring down their gifts they've made for others and put them under the tree.  Our Christmas novena will be prayed, the last Jesse Tree ornament put up, night prayers said, and then off to bed.  Upon which Brian and I will pray Evening Prayer and then I will most likely imbibe on another glass of wine while I fill stockings and Brian sets up the gifts under the tree.  Then the big people to bed whereupon I will likely be woken every two to three hours by the Luke babe.  Sounds like a plan, man.

May you have a blessed, blessed Christmas, friends!  I am so grateful for all of you.

(And if you didn't get this in the mail, just pretend, k?)


  1. Love it! Your house is gorgeous, btw. I am so envious of white houses.
    THanks for linking up, and Merry Christmas!!

  2. Everything looks beautiful. I too get choked up at Christmas Mass. Have a wonderful CHristmas and I look forward to celebrating the Epiphany with you.
    Grandma & Grumpy

  3. Beautiful. I love your simplicity in decorations. It looks so pure and natural.

  4. Merry Christmas....beautiful post.....Lisa Purcell

  5. Merry Christmas! We have the exact same little desk ornament. I love your little truck too.

  6. Love all these pictures! Especially the berries. Something I'll have to consider buying on clearance for next year.


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