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I haven't been around for Yarn Along in a few weeks!  Pretty much because there hasn't been much knitting happening during that time.  I just lost the drive for it for a little while (does that happen to you?) but I've been creating and crafting in other ways.  I'm hoping to catch the bug again, though, in time to create some Christmas love.  I pinned this Knitted Chainmail Hauberk a while ago and am hoping to get three done for the older boys in time for Christmas.  Knights need them some chainmail, right?  I'm using simple Paton's wool in a darker shade of gray than I would like.  I'm finding the pattern a bit wonky and a bit more complicated than it needs to be but once I get the hang of it I'm hoping it will be a quick knit with such huge needles.  Those needles feel so awkward when you're not used to them, though!  There's also a helmet pattern I may attempt as well but now I'm getting just a wee bit ambitious...

We've been enjoying some more of The Mistmantle Chronicles and are now about half way through the third book, The Heir of Mistmantle.  These books are wonderful.  I've been reading them aloud with John Paul at night and he is always begging for more.  The writing is superb and the stories are so engaging.  There is a lot of allegory just like in The Chronicles of Narnia but not overly done, in my opinion.  I've been sucked into the stories as well.  I highly recommend these books for older children.  It's a little bit intense for the little ones so I've been keeping it for just John Paul for now.  Though there have been a few nights and early mornings when I can put my ear up to their bedroom door and hear John Paul whispering the stories to his brothers while they lie in bed.  So sweet.  I did finish In This House of Brede finally and really enjoyed it.  I'm planning on taking a break from the Mistmantle books to read The Hobbit with the boys.  Brian's read it with them before but can you believe I've never read it??  The book must be read before I even think about THE MOVIE that is coming out next month!  That's the rule, right?

So what are you creating lately?

Oh!  And P.S.!  Don't forget you're invited to enter the Advent reading giveaway...just a few hours left!

Joining Ginny and the gang...


  1. My kids are so excited to see The Hobbit as they loved Lord of the Rings - and you're right, reading the book first is necessary! Luckily our 9 year old has pretty much read every book in our house already, it's getting the 8 year old to follow suit! I had to read The Hobbit in 9th grade for school, so I should probably do a re-read.

  2. Oh! The hauberk is a great idea! My mother in law made my boys a "chain mail" helmet a few years ago and I have been thinking I ought to make another one. Maybe something like this too!

  3. ok, i LOVE the chain mail and helmet idea. wow. i am thinking i have a birthday gift idea!

  4. Ooh, we just finished Mistmantle. My kids loved it! Beautiful iron ware pitcher, btw.


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