Seven Quick Takes

You guys.  For once my compulsive refreshing of Google Reader paid off big. time.  I GOT A SPOT ON JESSICA'S JESSE TREE ORNAMENT EXCHANGE.  I know!!  I'm so excited about it.  Last year I mentioned to some friends about doing this very same thing and they were all like "ummm."  And my dreams were quashed.  But now?  Now I get to do it with all of these fun people and I totally feel like one of the cool kids and I'm sort of nervous that my ornament will not be good enough.  But it will be, I think.  We've done the Jesse Tree for years and our salt dough ornaments are in sore sore need of replacing.  Every year just a few more broke and we still couldn't figure out what a few of them were even supposed to be.  Mary is kneeling and she has what appears to be a bullet wound to the head.  Quite disturbing.  So, yes.  I'm excited and working hard on my ornaments to send in.  And super pumped to see what everyone else makes!!  Squueeeee!  (FYI, that's me excited.  Not me imitating a pig.)

Hey y'all.  Thank you for the prayers the other day.  I felt em.  And sorry if I was whiny.  I try not to be.  (Hear that, husband?  Stop that laughing.  Just go with it.)  I remember a friend saying to me once when we were talking about sleep stuff that there is a reason sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique.  And it's so true.  Ask me anything, I'll probably tell it to you.  It makes you (or at least me) feel completely cracked out.  But it's a tad bit better with all that three hours in a row I got last night (woot!).  You know what is fun, though?  You know that glorious day when you get a longer stretch of sleep and you wake up feeling fan-freakin-tabulous and knock the heck out of that day with all the energy you have?  Well, people who are getting all that sleep EVERY night don't get that.  So there.  It's like when you fast for Lent and then it's EASTER!  You appreciate that given up thing so much more, right?? Right?  

So.  This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  The day when we all eat Turkey.  (Is that sort of weird that so many people are eating the same thing at the same time?  No?)  That means that the TURKEYS we raised this summer are being, ahem, processed this week.  I'm actually having a mini hard time with it.  I barely helped with them and hardly ever played with them (turkeys are quite playful, you know) but still.  I'm all for knowing what's in your food and being self sufficient and buying local, yada, yada, yada.  But there is something to that ignorance is bliss sort of thing.  It's going to be weird sitting at the table on Thursday a bit guilt-ridden that I'm eating the very bird I looked in the eye.  Or it could also be delicious.  Or both.  I'll let you know.

Ha!  My baby's pretty cute.  He's also eleven months old now.  Don't even.

I mentioned something the other day about making simple but real food and a number of you (what? Two is a number.) asked for soup recipes.  I plan on posting a few of our favorites when I get a chance.  Would anyone be interested in a linkup of sorts sharing your favorite go to recipes for your family?  Let me know and I can make. it. happen.

Oooh.  I know what I wanted to ask some of you.  So the spam comments don't really bug me normally and I know other people have been having issues with crazy amounts of spam.  Me as well.  But they've gotten vile and completely offensive so now what to do?  Is there some trick I don't know about?  I know I could turn off anonymous posting but I'd rather not.  Is that the only way to thwart the grosstastical spammers?  Are y'all still having the same spam problems?  

Who else is pumped for Jen making her reality TV debut?!?  It is on my calendar and I know it's going to make me laugh and be all sorts of awesome.  I hope I can get it to work on this here computer.  Oh, we knew her when.  Or never.  But I link up on her site so she and I are, y'know, tight.

Go see her!


  1. 2. preach. I love that night. When you get more than 3-4 hours and more like 5-6 and you feel like your life has been significantly changed for the better.
    4. or 5. you are right, your baby is adorable
    6. i never get spam comments, is that weird?
    I miss you.

    1. No, I didn't get them for a long time and then this past month, boom. Tons. I think maybe it had to do with one of the link-ups? I don't know. Somehow the evil people find you and then they never let go...

      Miss you too! Come visit us soon :)

  2. I can help with the spam - next time we hang out remind me and I can install something to help filter the comments for you. So that means we will actually need to hang out. In person...

  3. I can help with the spam - next time we hang out remind me and I can install something to help filter the comments for you. So that means we will actually need to hang out. In person...

  4. I have a friend who lives in the country and has raised meat and egg chickens for years. Last year was the first year she did her own turkeys and she admitted that she had a hard time too (in fact, she actually left the house and had her hubby & sons do it). She said she didn't know why, considering she usually processed the chickens herself, but for some reason she became more attached to the turkeys.


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