{pretty, happy, funny, real} - flooring edition


I'm rather proud of my November faux-mantel.  Do you know someone was THROWING AWAY that fireplace surround?  I know!  I passed by it early one morning after grocery shopping and it was sitting by the curb.  I couldn't get it myself but I totally sent Brian to save it from the garbage truck.  If I can't have a real fireplace (sob), I will at least have a mantle.  And lest you think I'm super creative and crafty, I most definitely pilfered that idea from here.  Hers is much cuter but I'm still proud.


Sneak peek of our floors!  They are DONE!


Oh fine.  Real pic from this morning!  Sock skating on the refurbished floors.


All of our living and dining room shoved into the library.  And this was after I pulled out a few things.  I do not do well in chaos.  So glad that we are on the other end of that project!  Now to chill for a few days weeks before embarking on the next one...

Linking up with the ladies...


  1. Wow! I love your mantel but I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!! I used to love "skating" like that too. :-)

  2. oh the floors are lovely! thanks for the pictures - the snoopy dance was well deserved!


  3. MAry- looks so nice- hope all of you can rest and enjoy!

  4. I really love the pumpkins on the mantel. I need to file that away for next year. Can you remind me? : )

  5. Your floors are beautiful! I even actually dragged myself to the computer to look at the pictures! Somehow, seeing pictures (on ipod) the size of a nickel just doesn't do them justice :-)

  6. Happy new floors! they are beautiful! Now JP doesn't need skates for Christmas. He can skate indoors!
    Grandma & Grumpy

  7. your mantel looks wonderful and the floors are so nice too.


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