A November Morning Daybook

Outside my window...
A cool November morning.  No snow and it's supposed to be in the mid 60's today which is awesome because we've had dreary cold day after dreary cold day lately.

Thankful for...
You know, I'm not naturally a super grateful person.  I need to be more intentional about that and the blog has been uber helpful in that department.  But lately I've been a sour face cranky pants.  (Why can't I be a lazy, let everything go sleep deprived person instead of a angry crazy world is ending sleep deprived person?  That would be more fun, I think.)  So I'm thankful for the upcoming holidays, for our cozy autumn evenings, that I am on the ball with our Christmas preparations, for teething sick babies and toddlers, and that I was only woken four times last night (I know, right?) so today is starting well.  And...Brian is refinishing our floors!!!  (Jazz hands, Snoopy dance, flips of excitement all in one!)

Thinking about...
Big things.  The last few months have been really tough.  But the words just don't seem to come lately.  I wouldn't mind a few prayers if you could.

We're sort of back in the swing of things learning-wise since our vacation.  That with all the disrupted sleep really threw us off.  We're making sure to take care of the core now - math, writing, Latin.  The rest just seems to take care of itself lately.
  Sarah has me really intrigued with the Catholic Classical Memory program, though.  I think this is what I've been looking for but didn't know existed.  

From the kitchen...
The normal stuff.  Nothing fancy here, folks.  But real food on the cheap is my specialty.  And lots of soup because it's FALL!!  (Ahem, and it's CHEAP!)

Fall beauty in our home.  Or trying to, at least.  Also working on a few decor projects that I've been putting off forever.  And a new stairwell.  And FLOORS REDONE!!  And Christmas gifts.  And Thanksgiving plans.  And not many blog posts.

To go to the Naval Park this afternoon.  The sanding and refinishing of the floors is awesome but really hard.  Which is why we've put it off for so long.  But the chaos and naps lost will be worth it right?!?   So for our second day in a row I have to leave with all four kids and be gone all day long.   I think this is harder than when he was gone for four days on retreat last week.  At least then you can hunker down at home.  But I won't remember the exhaustion in a few weeks, right?  And it's supposed to be a beautiful day and it's Veteran's Day so I think it's the perfect place to go.

In Him.  
Not our president.  Or any other elected official, for that matter.  HE is the one in Whom I hope.  And trying not to forget that.

In This House of Brede by Rumer Goden.  Really really good.  I've been taking a long time with it which is not that normal for me.  But it's more a book for savoring rather than devouring, I think. 

For a cousin in law having surgery this week.  And for a young man named Chris suffering from late stage cancer.  God, be with them.

And for our country.  Oh man, how I'm praying for our country.

The boys coloring and the monitor humming as Luke naps.  Which would be so blissfully quiet if it weren't for the BLASTED SANDER BEING RUN IN THE OTHER ROOM.

Around the house...
Did I mention we're finally refinishing the floors??  I'm excited.  But the house is in a state of necessary chaos and that is very very hard for me.

One of my favorite things... 
Watching Luke toddle around like a drunken sailor.
And how many people have told me that they miss it when I don't post and wondering when I will write again.  It means a super duper lot.  For real.  (But, hey, you're free to leave a comment now and again, people. Just sayin.)

A few plans for the rest of the week...
I'm thinking we'll need to leave the house again tomorrow.  And then lots of house putting back together, I hope.

A picture thought to share...

Sorry, ladies.  He's all mine.


  1. Hurray for the Floors!!!. I know you have wanted to do them since you moved in. The first room you did turned out soo beautiful. I can't imagine living their with this project going on since it includes the paths to everything. Are you camping out in the kitchen while you are home? What is the plan for the stairwell? I know the wall paper is down. Now what? With first babies you can sneak in a nap when they nap but once you have olderones there is no naptime for the mom. :(
    Love to all
    Grandma & Grumpy

  2. I must say I am always excited when I see you have a new post! How do you blog with 4 kids?! I'm seriously impressed... U r in my prayers!

    1. Becky, I was just telling Mary yesterday that I check for new posts, ALL THE TIME! I don't even read (or look for) any other blogs!
      Love each and every one!

    2. You guys are so sweet. And my super shameless comment guilt trip seems to have worked ;)

  3. Praying for you, Mary.

    I was in the nursery at church today and it made me miss little Luke so much! And my girls miss your boys so much.

  4. Oh the happy chaos of renovations. Living vicariously through you right now. And do you have some super kid-friendly soups to share? I could sure use a few more of those...

  5. A brave person you are!
    When we did our floors I packed up the kiddos and headed 350 miles away for a weekend with my brother (or maybe that was just an excuse to see my brother and his family)

    sour face cranky pants - oh, me too! My friend reminded me that I had a vit D prob this time last year - I am hoping more sleep and vit D will help with the cranky pants. I am so tired of being grumpy.

    so, I get the blog writing issue - really, I do - but could you try to remember to get a picture of the floors when they are done? would love to see the reason I am doing a snoopy dance with you over here in MA

    may you have a blessed day tomorrow

    1. Yes!! Vitamin D. Thank you for the reminder. I took that all winter last year and noticed a HUGENORMOUS difference in my mood. Time to start again, I suppose! Thanks, Karen!

  6. Have any place to go tomorrow? You are welcome to come out here and meet the new pigs, pot we could meet up somewhere. Send me an email of you want to get together!

    1. Thanks! May take you up on that but the littles are in desperate need of naps so I'm hoping we can manage here and let them sleep today!

  7. I'm with Dweej-- kid-friendly soup ideas, please! Real food on the cheap is NOT my specialty. There's a post idea for ya. :) In all your, you know, oodles of spare time.

    Praying for you! Hugs and more hugs.

    (and about CCM-- I know, right? I'm trying to restrain myself from ordering it RIGHT NOW because I don't need it right now. But doesn't it look just all kinds of awesome??)

    1. Yes, I will do my best to get a post on that! Most of my ideas have come from other people and Pinterest so I know it can be helpful! Thanks for the prayers :)

  8. Oh, I'm leaving a comment! I hope we get to chat about In This House of Brede at some point. I do hope you like it... i'd feel bad for recommending it otherwise ;) (love the autumn mantle in the more recent post!)

    1. Yay! You figured it out! I DO really like it. It's not one of those "can't put it down" books so it's taking me longer but that's refreshing in a way. So character-driven and I love them all. I've already renewed it three times from the library! Like I said, it's taking me a while!


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