Yarn Along

Just last night I finished the Punkin Head I was knitting for my newest little niece who was born JUST THIS MORNING!!  Praise God!  I cannot wait to squeeze on that little babe and make her head look like the sweetest gourd that ever there was.  I'm thinking she will look much cuter in it than my model pumpkin.  I just cast on another for the Lukenator so they can be all twinsies.

I've also been slowly working on In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden at the recommendation of a friend.  I've only gotten through the first few chapters so far but I'm looking forward to a good chunk of time to sit down with it and enter in.  So far haven't had the chance yet!  We've been doing a whole lot of read aloud around our place as well and it has been so very good.  Have you seen Sarah's Read Along Revival?  It may be just the motivation you need to open up those books with the littles and get all your quirky character voices going.  We've been trying to snuggle up on these fall nights with something warm to drink, some cozy blankets and a good book.  These are the moments I just want to bottle up, you know?  We started The Wizard of Oz the other night and are still working through The Mistmantle Chronicles.  And of course, a whole lot of smaller story and picture books always make it in there, too.

Head on over to Ginny's for some more Yarn Along!


Cuter.  Definitely cuter.


  1. Sweet hat. Precious times reading with children.

  2. oh that hat will look super sweet on your wee babe. :)


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