Yarn Along

See those five or six rows?  That is all the knitting I was able to start during our two week trip out west.  I totally thought I would have more time for some leisurely knitting and reading but I was quite wrong.  We were just so busy with exploring and the times I wasn't the driver on our many road trips I was either doling out food to the littles in the backseat, entertaining or on rare occasions, sleeping.  Anyone with multiple children on a road trip knows that the much more relaxing job is driving, right?  And unfortunately, driving and knitting just don't mix, you know?  So anyway, I cast on for a gift wrap romper in a Cascade Heathers wool for my newest niece who will be meeting us in the next few weeks!  (Squeee!!)  I think may actually try to turn it into a sweater.  I also have another little hat in mind to knit up for this little October sweetie as well.  Ah, so excited to meet her! 

I did actually finish TWO books on the trip.  I finished A Little Way of Homeschooling by Suzie Andres that I was working on during the last Yarn Along.  And because I needed some lighter reading as well, I ate up The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  A good book but it does have a  slight melancholy to it.  I do know that I now will have to make a point now to not read too much into bouquets I see (and also return it to the library before my fine gets too high :)  I also began reading the second Mistmantle book Urchin and the Heartstone to the boys while we drove.  I am REALLY loving our reading time together lately.  It is such a joy to share a story together.

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