The All Saints' Day Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a great activity for a group of children to celebrate All Saints' Day?

A few years ago I created a little scavenger hunt that we've done at our annual party and I'd like to share it with you!  It takes a little bit of preparation the first year but once you have your items you can store them for the next year.  

This scavenger hunt involves searching for the saints' lost items which we hide before the party all around the church gym and hallway.  Before the party we hide the items in groups (meaning that say, all of the St. George swords are in one spot) and when a child finds it they put only one of the item in their paper bag.  Once they've found all the items they are finished!  They can then search for a prize in our St. Anthony Lost and Found Box.  This hunt is great for the older kids, especially ages 6-10. The littler ones enjoy it as well but usually need to be paired with an adult or older sibling.

You can download or print the scavenger hunt sheet for free below!  To download or print, click on the 'pop out button in the upper right corner of the window.

Below I've listed what we've used for those items.  It's fun to watch the kids try to figure out what each item is supposed to be and discuss amongst themselves.  Feel free to be creative and use what you have!  There are so many more items and saints to substitute if one or more of these can't be found.  Oh, and please don't hesitate to let me know if you have a question!

St. Peter's key - Miniature key charms from the jewelry section of the craft store
St. George's sword - Plastic cocktail swords (found near the toothpicks at the grocery store)
St. Benedict's goblet - Dollar Store package of tiny champagne glasses (in the wedding section!)
St. Raphael's fish - Clip art fish printed on white paper (You could also use Swedish Fish.)*
St. Patrick's shamrock - Clip art shamrock printed on green card stock.  (I'm sure you could find something cheap and simple around St. Patrick's Day but who's thinking about this then??)
St. John Bosco's clown nose - Mini red ball ornaments found as a package at the dollar store (I removed the metal hanger.  Red pom poms could also work.)
St. Elizabeth's crown jewels - Craft gems
St. David's harp - The dollar store had a bag of tiny harps with their Christmas ornaments!
St. Philomena's anchor - Clip art anchor printed out on card stock
St. Genevieve's candle - White birthday candles
St. Therese's roses - Small craft roses I had on hand (You can find packs of them at any craft store.)
St. Andrew's fishing hook - Metal Christmas ornament hangers
St. Gabriel's horn - Just like the harps, they had a package of horns with the Christmas items.  
St. Joseph's carpenter wood - Popsicle sticks
St. James' seashell - Once again, dollar store!  Look near the vases for small packages of shells.
St. Cecelia's violin - Clip art violin printed on brown card stock
St. Agnes' lamb's wool - Cotton balls
St. Isidore's straw - Small pieces of straw/raffia cut into pieces
St. Lucy's eyes - Dollar store!  Candy eyeballs with the Halloween candy
St. Nick's coins - Pennies (This year I found plastic coins at the dollar store in the party section)
St. Teresa's book - Clip art book printed on card stock
St. Anthony's bell - Small jingle bells found in a package in the dollar store Christmas section
St. Francis' animals - Animal crackers or tiny play animals
St. Stephen's rocks - Small stones from the yard

(*For St. Peter's key, St. Raphael's fish, St. Patrick's shamrock, St. Philomena's anchor, St. Cecelia's violin, and St. Teresa's book I simply pasted the clip art about twenty times onto a blank document.  Then I printed it out on colored paper and cut them out.) 

At the end of the shindig remember to collect the bags and sort the items out again.  Then simply save them in baggies and your next year self will thank you big time. 

I'm hoping to post a few of our other favorite All Saints' games in the next few days.  Stay tuned!  


  1. Wow this is legit involved. I wonder how much of this I could hobble together in a day? What a great idea.

    1. In a crunch you could maybe print out small clipart pictures for all the items like I do for some of them! Good luck!

  2. Another option would be to see if you could find stamps of each one and stamp the paper with each stamp as they are found, perhaps?

  3. This is great! I needed a last minute idea for my bigs to do with the littles today. Perfect. :)


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