Seven Quick Takes and An Award!

Oooh, color me flattered that Karen nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

Karen is so sweet and is one of the busiest homeschooling mamas ever!  She teaches,  she crochets, she blogs, she gardens, she cans ridiculous amounts of produce (I'm totally going to her place in the event of the Barackalypse (like that?)).  She has six beautiful children and is one busy lady!

So, I guess there are rules for this little shindig:
  • Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.
  • Write something about the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award and comment on their blogs to let them know.
This sounds a little bit like a chain letter but hey, I was called beautiful!  How can I resist??  Now...dare I try to combine my seven things and Seven Quick Takes??  Is that allowed?  Does the blogosphere frown on that?  Will I be ostracized and blacklisted from all the fun bloggy linkups?  Rebel that I am, I shall try...

I can't help it.  One of the main reasons I must partake of 7QT this week is that the Jenster is giving away a $50 (!) gift card to Amazon!  Do you know how many Christmas gifts I could get with that?  I am cheap and I like to win things.

I think that was two.  But want to know some of the things I've won before?  A pie eating contest, a fertility monitor, a pancake eating contest, second place in the school spelling bee in 6th grade, the NCAA football pool in 7th grade (completely guessed) and not one but two pie making contests.

I hate it when my hair is wet.  HATE HATE HATE it.  So much so that no one is allowed to touch me after a shower until my hair loses that horribly icky feeling and I feel normal again.  I shudder just thinking about it.  (It's okay when it is getting wet.  Just not after the time when it is supposed to be wet.  I'm not, you know, weird.)

I never liked shrimp until I was pregnant with John Paul and craved it.  Now I love it.  With Luke I went through a caramel phase.  Now I love that, too.  
Sometimes the only clothes that fit me are in the little girls section.  Don't think that's awesome.  It's not.  When you realize that your choice of jeans involve either sequins bedazzled onto your rear or flared legs that could hide a small toddler, you will understand my plight.

It is awesome, though, when you have sprite feet.  Did you know that a woman's size 6 is equivalent to a girl's 4??  And that sometimes (especially with sneakers) they have almost exactly the same shoes but the girls' are much cheaper?  I saved myself $20 on the running shoes that no longer run with this little tidbit.  So, that's number 6.  I have sprite feet that save me money.

Some of the nicknames I've suffered over my little lifetime:  Goose, Mary-Tware, Tware, Shotgun, Kiwi, Mofo, Foze.  Now it's the ordinary but almost always endearing (except when it's whined) Mama.

Head over to Jen's for more Quick Taking:
(pick me, Jen, pick me!!  I'll even buy you a Christmas gift!)

Now to go nominate me some beautiful blogs...


  1. I like you. a lot. and wish we lived closer.

  2. oh, you make me sound good! I am blushing!
    Thank you!

  3. Wait. Really? They're equal to a size 4??? How did I not know this????

    1. I know, right?!? Sometimes, like always with shoes, you have to go up or down a bit, but it's awesome. Except when your choices involve sequins and excessive amounts of faux fur. But it can come in very handy sometimes like now when I'm looking to find some good brown boots :)

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  5. Wow I am in awe over the petite size of your feet and body!


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