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I have a new niece and she is certainly pretty!  And beautiful.  And adorable.  And squeezable.


The other night was pumpkin picking in the back yard!


Do you think my husband is trying out his crunchy baby wearing GQ pose?  Certainly looks like it ;)

Of course, I think the Luketronamous is the cutest thing ever in the world but even I can admit that sometimes he's just plain goofy looking.  And I love it.


In three year old boy world, the coolness of pumpkin picking is surpassed only by a worm sighting.

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  1. She is so beautiful! Thanks for posting these pictures.

    I'm jealous of your backyard pumpkin patch! Very, very cool. We're looking for a pumpkin patch to visit - wish we could come to yours.

  2. Love the pictures! (really, your Luke is absolutely adorable!)

    wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award:


    Have a great weekend

  3. There's nothing like a pumpkin patch to warm the soul, especially when the pumpkin pickers are so darn cute. I especially love the picture of Papa pulling the wagon full of pumpkins with 2 little guys on his back- beautiful!
    And yes, our new little angel, Kathryn Mary is as perfect as can be! So blessed are we!!

  4. Oh your pumpkin patch is awesome. Looks like everyone is having such a great time!!

  5. What a wonderful pumpkin patch to have in your own back yard. As always we love the pictures. How many pumpkins will get carved? And how many will become pies?
    Love Grandma and Grumpy


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