{pretty, happy, funny, real} - Autumn Glory and JPII


Can  you believe this is our front yard?  How blessed are we?

Completely unedited (besides the copyright :)  Look at that color!!  And I wish you could smell it!

I think our house looks prettiest in autumn.  Pretty much everything looks prettiest in autumn, am I right??

You can't even see our driveway for all the leaves.  It's going to be eighty (80!!) degrees today.  It is absolutely glorious outside.


A feast day gift.  The boys love listening to audio books like this.  I was excited when Holy Heroes released the story of Blessed John Paul II.  It's really well done.  It focuses mainly on JPII's youth rather than the papacy (though I would love to hear one on the papacy as well!).  I'm still floored every time I hear everything that amazing man went through.  And it's so inspiring for children to hear, especially our little namesake.


I wrote about our feast day plans here.  This is how our "Polish Pizza" came out.  When I realized that the dough on the right was not obediently rounding out, I turned it into Poland.  There's even a sausage appropriately placed to represent Wadowice where Blessed John Paul II was born :)


Oh, I do fully realize what all these leaves mean...

Not only that there is a lot of raking in our future (and I don't get a hugely pregnant pass this year) but that very very soon all of these trees will be bare and the dreaded four letter word will be falling.  
But for now we enjoy.

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  1. Your yard is gorgeous! Our trees just don't turn the glorious colors here.

  2. Your yard is totally beautiful and autumn is definitely the very best, most awesome time of the year! We are so blessed to be able to experience it to the fullest in the northeast. I only wish it lasted longer. It truly represents the glory & beauty of creation to me.

  3. Your yard is lovely! I'll have to check out that Glory Stories, it sounds wonderful :)

  4. Glad you are getting sunny days to enjoy the colors at their best. We are having a lot of rainy gloomy days which takes so mucg out of the beauty. Enjoy the weather and the colors.
    Grandma & Grumpy

  5. Glorious pics! Leaves and sunshine -- awesome! Yes, lots of raking, but maybe the hurricane will blow them away :)

  6. What a beautiful yard!! I love fall :)

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