Seven Quick Takes

Haven't been blogging as much as usual.  I'm doing my best to stick to my routine and keep my children and the homeschooling thing as primary focus during the day.  When I get a break, I'm cleaning or cooking or collapsing.  Not blogging.  Boo.  (Not the first stuff...just that I can't do everything I want to all the time and I'm super mature and pout about it.  Boo.)

Oh, and also Brian is away for four days on retreat.  So we are totally on energy conservation mode over here.  Pray for me er, him.  He was asked to be one of the leaders of this retreat which is pretty cool.  In the meantime I try my best to be ultra supportive wife by which I mean sighing heavily when he asks me if there is anything he can do to help or dramatically asking his prayers for my survival while he goes on his camping trip er, retreat.  I am nothing if not supportive.

"If Jesus said the first shall be last and the last will be first, then do the middle people just get to stay where they are?" - John Paul 

Okay, it's political season and I have to admit to you:  part of me loves it.  I am totally a political junkie and I know some people hate it.  I mean, I don't love when people are mean to each other and I totally get frustrated when people are dumb or posit things that are just totally made up or something they "learned" of a meme.  But debating real things?  Things that will change how we live and affect the lives of billions of people?  Um, yes.  I think that's important.  And I find it incredibly interesting and intellectually stimulating and edifying.  If you're a football fan think of it as football season for us politi-geeks.  But unlike football, this stuff actually matters.

Doesn't mean I think everyone needs to be super involved in politics but I do think everyone should have some level of awareness and can't just hide under the "I'm not a political person" or "I'm above all that because of my faith/beliefs" approach.  We're called to be active in the world.  And everyone should vote.  Most especially if you are also voting for the people I am.

Speaking of memes, my husband finds it incredibly funny that for a long time I pronounced it "may-may."  It should be pronounced that way.  I won't tell you all the words he mispronounces because remember?  I'm super supportive.


Talking about when Luke will get teeth:
Michael:  When he's one year old.
David:  Or when he's thousands.  Or MILLIONS!
Michael:  No.  He won't last that long.

(From a post it note I scribbled on so I wouldn't forget and then just found in a drawer.  He has four teeth now.  And he's not even thousands yet.)


Hi.  I'm cute.  I also have decided I will never of my own free will sleep again.  Ever.  I spent so much time in the first six months of my life being the super amazing sleeping baby that I've chosen to now go back and exist in newborn town.  On an unrelated note Mom's getting those crazy-eyes again.

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  1. Loved your quick takes. I'm a super supportive wife too. ;-). And our two sons populate "newborn" town.


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