Portland Day Three - Last Day with the Cousins

Kevin had to go back to work today so we had a more laid back last full day here in Oregon.  The kiddos had a ball playing, making memories, and being their silly selves.  Jill and I were able to sneak off to Trader Joe's to buy such important staples as wine, chocolate, and meatballs.

In the afternoon we walked over to the park near their house.  It was beautiful out and that park is pretty sweet.
(Pictures from Jill...I don't know where my camera was.  I think I may have been  busy writing postcards while they played :)

Kevin met us up there, we played a while, then it was back to the house for some Trader Joe's meatball sandwiches.  We're fancy like that.

Once the kiddos were all in bed we had time for some great conversation and relaxing before packing up to leave early in the morning.  I forget how much I miss my brother and Jill until I see them again and realize how cool they are.  Growing up, Kevin was the older sibling I wanted to hang out with the most.  And for the most part, he put up with me and tried to make me cool by giving me quarry belts and other such tomboy-esque gifts.  I remember when he was in high school he even took me paint balling with his friends.  I wish we could hang out talking Theology and science and politics and all sorts of things so much more than we are able.  I know our boys feel the same way about their cousins...though I'm sure they would prefer to talk Narnia and Legos.  Nevertheless, it was such a blessing to finally be able to get out here for even these few days and I'm so grateful for what time we did have together.

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