Nine Months and a Mirror

How in the world is this fantastic little baby nine months old already?  How is it that he has not been with us forever?  All I know is that he is the most amazingly lovable little Lukapotamus that ever there was.  He's been crawling around everywhere, can wave, and we swear he can say 'hi'.  He smells like heaven and his skin is softer than soft.  He's learning how to make us laugh and he always has a very willing audience.  How often he makes people smile when we are out!  He is pure joy.

He's into everything he can get his hands on and loves watching the chickens in the yard or riding around on Papa's back.  After a few month hiatus, he's been going to sleep well...but staying asleep through the night not so much.  In my gentler moments I remember that that's okay and that in the not very distant future I will miss that he can be soothed by only his Mama's arms and milk.  I try to remember that this time will pass oh so quickly and that it is all grace and gift, even when it is so very hard.

Oh, my sweet Luke, what a joy you are to us.  
Thank you, Heavenly Father, for bringing this precious blessing into our family.  We are eternally grateful for Your gift of Luke.


  1. Oh these pictures have absolutely given me goose bumps they are SO PRECIOUS! And I too always miss my children in retrospect. Where were you last year? How could I not have known you? So strange and wonderful, this journey.

  2. I cannot wait to see that little, adorable nephew of mine again!!! (and my other 3 adorable nephews, too)

  3. He is pretty cute and happy! He definitely lights up any room he is in with that smile!

  4. Absolutely precious pictures! Luke is such a charmer!


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