Go West Young Men

We're out west!  And we're alive!  And though I haven't had the chance to update all of our adventures here, through the blog magic of backdating I'm going to pretend I was super on top of it and no one's going to think the less of me, m'kay?  We've been soaking it all in out here and it's been a crazy exhausting amazing time.  And now you too get the privilege of seeing the west through my haphazard and subpar photography in not really real time.  You are so welcome.  

-------------------- Commence Adventuring --------------------

Super excited in the airport to FLY ON A PLANE!!!  I love Luke in this pic.  He was awesome the whole time.

Zoned out and staring at the clouds...

David was great and finally fell asleep on the plane about 8 minutes before we landed in Denver...

Mom, you get JUICE on the plane!?!

We were pretty tired after the flight but the boys were still going and thrilled that we got to take a train to the terminal and then a bus to go pick up the rental car.  

About 10:30 p.m. sayeth our Eastern Time Zoned bodies but still sort of smiling and psyched to finally be in Colorado in a fancy new van.  

We crashed at a hotel that night beyond exhausted and survived a rough night's 'sleep' only to have to get up at 6:30 a.m. to make it to our intended destination the next morning...


  1. Glad you are back home safe and sound! Can't wait to hear of the adventures! I dd hear you stayed with Brother John! How awesome :)

  2. Squee! Paul is adamant that he wants to go to NYC so he can ride "on the subway under the ground and walk around in a train while it's moving". I think he knows how your boys feel in that pic!


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